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[A-Kel'Thuzad] 14/14H Royal Militia US#27 Recruiting for WoD

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[A-Kel'Thuzad] 14/14H Royal Militia US#27 Recruiting for WoD

Postby SacredKnight » Sat Mar 08, 2014 9:24 am

Realm: (US) Kel'Thuzad - recently moved from Bleeding Hollow
Faction: Alliance
Rank: US 27(#22 for strictly 10s) 10M
Incentives: Qualified recruits will receive free faction change/server transfer if applicable. If a recruit successfully completes trial, we will also pay for a month of game time.

Since Heroic SoO is now cross-realm, we will typically do 1 week of cross-realm raid trialing to do a quick check of whether or not you are a obviously a bad fit for the guild, before any money is spent. After that, we would like you to transfer to our server and join the guild, so we can get to know you better both in and out of raids.

When we raid:
Raids per week: 4 during progression (rarely 5). Typically Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and a fourth day (either Wednesday or Sunday) we agree upon week-by-week. We will not main raid Friday or Saturday.
Raid times: Our expectation is that you are available from 8:00-12:00EST. We will typically start the group slightly before 8, and be making our first boss pull between 8:10 and 8:15.

What we're currently doing:
We're currently working towards two 14/14H 10man groups using a combination of mains/alts/trials. Once we accomplish that - we will work towards building a 14/14H 25man.
Note that while we are aggressively recruiting, we are not willing to sacrifice on quality just to get to 25H as soon as possible. We're willing to take our time to ensure that we find the right people.

Where we are at:
We are currently at 15 raiding mains. Approximately 8 of us have geared alts capable of killing Garrosh. We will have both groups at 14/14H within the next couple of weeks.
Currently our second group is at 12/14H.

Who should apply?
While we will consider any high performing candidate, we are especially looking for the following:

1. Strong Healers (We would prefer healer applicants to have experience on Heroic Garrosh)
2. Ranged DPS (We can make just about any high-parsing, intelligent Ranged DPS work)
3. Tanks (Any Tank applicants should be extremely comfortable with a relevant offspec)
4. Melee DPS (We're pretty full on Warrior/Rogue. We do not currently have any main-spec Windwalkers, Feral Druids, Enhance Shamans, or DPS DKs)

Ideally the potential recruit will be:
12/14H or greater
565+ with legendary cloak
Experienced with heroic content over multiple tiers and expansions.

If you are not that advanced but are competent and can demonstrate it, then we'd still be happy to chat.

Who should I contact?
The best people to contact are:
Isamoo (Isamoo#1333) - Recruitment Officer
Minimerlinx (Mini#1532) - Guild / Raid Leader

If necessary, our other officers can also be contacted:
Jellog (Jellog#1552)
Sacredknight (Sacredknight#1804)

Additionally, you can apply online at: and click on Apply

Watch us play!
While not all of us are always streaming, we can usually turn our streams on if asked. - Mage / Warlock PoV - Restoration Druid / Balance Druid / Brewmaster Monk PoV - Discipline Priest / Shadow Priest / Restoration Druid PoV - Blood Death Knight PoV

About Royal Militia:
We're a guild that has been around since Vanilla, with many of us having raided together for many years. We focus primarily on PVE progression while maintaining a good balance with RL commitments. Many of us are working professionals or Canadians that do this for fun. What do we consider fun? Killing bosses, which includes actively preparing for each new tier by testing on the PTR and developing our own strategies for handling mechanics. You can read more about us on our website - which is currently being worked on extensively in order to bring it more up to date.
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