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2/16H 494ilv Prot pally LF raid guild/group

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:37 pm
by Pat
Cross-posting this from the WoW forums. I am willing to transfer as long as I am guaranteed a trial raid spot (especially if the guild is Horde. Absolutely no exceptions). Sorry if it sounds demanding! I just don't want to spend money to go to a server and then be stuck there with no group

Personal requirements -

Days - Doesn't matter, although I prefer weekends for better raid times.

Times - I have classes every Mon - Thurs from 5PM est to 10:30PM est. This means that I would need a group that starts at 11PM est or a little later on the WEEKDAYS. This is why a weekend guild would be nice as I could raid at whatever time.

I'm a very solid player who has been playing Paladin for 4-5 years now. I know my role and my class exceptionally well. My progression as far as raids this expansion goes is not impressive, yes, but that's because it took a bit to solidify my life schedule. Now that I have one, I can hopefully find a group and get some nice progression.

Current tier experience -

6/6 norm MSV prog with 2/6 heroic exp.

6/6 norm HoF norm exp.

4/4 norm protectors elite exp.

9/9 gold CM exp.

Armory -