(US) H - MST - Lurkers - Terenas looking for a few more.

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(US) H - MST - Lurkers - Terenas looking for a few more.

Postby Shoju » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:03 am

Wait... Shoju's making a recruitment thread?! Yes. I am. No, I'm not playing. I just happen to be the only Lurker who would recruit who actively posts here.

<Lurkers> are looking for a few people. MoP was not kind to their raiding numbers, and they have been "treading water" on numbers lately. They have cleared 5/6 in MV, and are looking at what they can do to

1.) Fortify their numbers.
2.) Possibly expand to a second night of raiding.

Currently, they are raiding 7:15 to 10:15 MST (9:15 to 12:15 EST), and if they can put together the numbers for it, would like to make it a 2 night a week raiding adventure.

Currently, they have

1 Prot / Ret Paladin who prefers to tank. He was my Cotank through much of Cata. A great guy.
1 Blood / Frost DK. He's a good guy. Some of you know him. I wont call him out though :) I have heard that he is open to moving to a role as a DPSer as main spec if need be.
1 Cat/Bear Druid. Prefers to Cat, but has tanked as needed for the good of the guild.
1 Warlock
2 Shaman One is Ele/Resto MS/OS, the other is Resto/ENH
1 Priest - Healing/Shadow. Prefers to heal.
1 Hunter
1 Rogue

They have a few that help from time to time, including another priest, another hunter, and a monk. But they are part timers in the guild who help when they can, as they can.

At this point, really the guild needs people to flesh out the raiding crew, and make another night happen. Possibly 3 people? The more the merrier.

If you have questions about the guild, questions about how they are doing things currently for loot, questions about if you could fill a certain role, please PM me. I could give you a huge post about what is what and blah blah, but I'd rather talk to people, and find out what they want to know.

PM me. I'll help you get in touch with who you need to.
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