[A]US 25m Voracity LF Tankadin + Other Exceptional Players

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[A]US 25m Voracity LF Tankadin + Other Exceptional Players

Postby Corwal » Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:31 pm

Voracity's motto of "Raiding Smarter, Not Harder" has driven our progression and teamwork since our founding in April 2008. Voracity has been one of the top guilds on Anvilmar since its inception. We are looking to add to our core of elite raiders with equally skilled and determined players, and regain that top spot on Server in MoP, as well as significantly improve upon our Tier 13 US 181 Progression ranking. Our goal for T14 is US100 25 man.

25-man Progression:
Tier 13 - 8/8 Heroic (25), 8/8 Normal (25)
Tier 12 - 7/7 Heroic, 7/7 Normal
Tier 11 - 9/13 Heroic, 12/12 Normal
WotLK:-US 140 Heroic Lich King "Light of Dawn"-US 177
Heroic Halion-US 208
Tribute to Insanity "Grand Crusader"-US 137
Alone in the Darkness "Death's Demise"-US 171
Algalon "Celestial Defender"-
US 17 to complete all WotLK raid achievements.All Burning Crusade content pre-WotLK!

Our 25-man schedule may seem lighter than other "high-end" raiding guilds, however we require a high level of attention, patience, and participation during all of our raids. Following the mantra of "raiding smarter, not harder," we set high expectations, ask our role leads and players to fully prepare for all encounters, and come together for raid times with a mentality of seeing new content and progressing as quickly as possible.25-man Raid Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday: 8:30-11:30EST.

Before looking at our recruiting needs, we suggest that anyone or everyone that is interested in applying to our guild, please do so. Even if we are full on your class, we may still consider you if you excel in your role.

We are currently recruiting (Updated 9/24/12):

Exceptional Healer of any class

Balance Druid (High demand)
Feral Druid (High Demand)
DK (High demand)

Any exceptional player. Ability and willingness to play multiple specs is a plus.Our expectations of new members:

18+ years of age.
Maintain 80% attendance, more is strongly encouraged.
Quick communication with the raid, including...fluency in English, Mumble, a mic.
Acquired the highest level of gear available to the applicant (minimum of heroic, valor point, rep, and crafted gear) Current raid pieces are a bonus.
Self motivation to research gear upgrades, ability usage, raid encounters.
Give and receive constructive criticism on the spot to master new encounters.
Come to raids prepared with enough food buffs and flasks or elixirs to last the entire raid.
Have prior raiding experience, the more challenging the better.

Anvilmar Information: PvE - NY Database - Launched in 2006 - Lists server time in PST.

General Guild Information:

Our loot system is EPGP.

Check us out at: http://www.worldofvoracity.com (Feel free to post on the forums of any questions/concerns you may have, also feel free to contact us in game) Or, speak with a recruiter on Battle tag ID:

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