[US - H] <Displaced> LF Death Knight DPS/Tank...

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[US - H] <Displaced> LF Death Knight DPS/Tank...

Postby Calnovik » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:31 pm

Displaced (http://displaced.enjin.com/) is a level 25 Horde guild on the Thrall server. We are building the core of an adult guild for Mists of Pandaria. Two-day 10 man relevant raiding will be our primary focus, but we are also looking for people who just want the right home.

Why are you Displaced?
We live in the age of guild classification. People look for boxes to fit themselves into. Are you hardcore? Are you casual? Are you social? Are you hardcore-casual? Are you social-PvE? What timezone do you fit into? What if we're none of the above? What if we're all of the above? Or, to be more confusing, what if we’re both none of the above AND all of the above?

We are Displaced, we are people that tried to fit into many boxes over our 6+ years of playing WoW and have now reached the point where we want to exist as an entity that encompasses both everything and nothing. Confused, you don't understand? That's good; that means your WoW-style needs simplifying so you should join us. You do understand? Good then come join us!

What are you looking for?
It has been our experience that there can be a lot of pressure to succeed in WoW. We have a high interest in raiding 10-man content, but we're no longer at the point in our lives where we do this to get fulfillment that we're lacking in our real lives. We want to achieve success, but we don't want a guild built on pressure of progression raiding. There's no doubt that pressure like that can drive a guild to great things, we've been in guilds that have achieved many server firsts like that. But what does it really mean?

What does it mean now that we got the server first for Razorgore and Vael back in 2006? What does it mean that we got all server firsts in Karazhan and Icecrown Citadel? Do people want to play with us because we killed Heroic Anub first back in 2009? It just doesn't mean that much to us - all that really matters is finding personalities that you can enjoying playing the game with.

Does this mean we're intending to waste time and wipe a lot? No, we play the game to enjoy the content and to enjoy the journey. Wiping is part of that journey; it is part of the experience that adds that extra satisfaction to when we finally prevail. Yes, we still aim to get a sense of accomplishment from raiding relevant content, but the difference is that we're removing the pressure. We won't risk burnout or pushing people very hard just to get that important kill that won't mean anything in a few months. We'll get there on our own terms through good attitudes and organization.

What are your raid times?
The current raid times are Tuesday (9pm to 12am EST) and Sunday (7pm to 11pm EST).

What do you want from this DK position?
We want a Blood DK OT who is also a DPS DK. We have no plate DPS wearers in our setup due to our stance on avoiding melee. We carry two pure melee DPS (Rogue, Enh Shaman) and that is it for the entire roster.

This DK will get all the strength DPS gear with no rival, but then take the tanking plate second to our Prot Paladin. When there are fights that require two tanks, the DK tanks. When there are fights that require one tank, the DK DPSes.

It's a more versatile role for a mature player that would enjoy it.

What are the rules of Displaced?
Displaced has an 18+ recruitment policy. Be responsible, be respectful, be diligent and don't be a troll! We don't come with many rules, but we do insist on all of our members being respectful individuals who don't bring themselves or the guild into a bad light by participating in unnecessary general or trade chat discussions. You have guild chat.

How do I apply to the guild?
The Displaced "bible" is a good one to see if you feel like the guild is a good fit and then we can see if we can accommodate you into our raiding team:

http://displaced.enjin.com/forum/m/6214 ... /last#last

We are contactable via the forums and e-mail at Calnvoik@gmail.com or ingame at my Battletag of Alterity#1654.
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