*US* [H] <Nightfall> (Uldum)

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*US* [H] <Nightfall> (Uldum)

Postby Donahu » Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:25 am


History - <Nightfall> has been around since vanilla raiding and will continue to maintain a presence on the Uldum server. Throughout the years we have done 40 man raiding, 25 man raiding, and most recently, 10 man raiding. With the launch of Mists of Pandaria, we are returning to the 25 man raiding scene and are looking for a few more to join us.

Direction - Nightfall defines itself as "casucore," in that most of our raiders are professionals or students, and generally have families and concerns outside of WoW. It is not our intent to compete for world firsts or even realm first kills, and our raiding schedule makes allowances for people who need to pursue other obligations outside of WoW. However, we do expect to get things done and expect everyone to consistently put in their best efforts.

Atmosphere - Our raid environment is pretty laid back and we do our best to help each other. We're not the type to raise a big fuss over someone making a mistake or someone falling behind a bit. We will help fix the mistake and bring everyone back to par.

Goals - Our raiding goal is to clear all heroic content while it is current. With that said, we have no intentions of breaking the raid over an exceptionally difficulty encounter such as Sinestra when it was current. 200+ wipes to score a kill pre-nerf is not our intent.

Raid Nights and Times -

Wednesday 7pm-10pm PST
Thursday 7pm-10pm PST
Monday 7pm-10pm PST

Loot system - Bid-based DKP
VOIP - Vent/Mumble/Both

Current Recruiting needs -

2 Healers - Preferably a resto druid
2 non-plate melee
3 Ranged DPS - Mage/Moonkin Preferably

Out of the DPS above, we're also looking for 2 off-spec healers that will back-up when a main healer is missing.

If this sounds like a good fit, feel free to stop by our site listed above and submit an application. Once you've done so, it'd serve best if you contacted us on a battletag and just chat. Chatting with a real person will help us both judge if we're the right guild for you!

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