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[H-US] Tankadin LF guild, lots of endgame experience

Looking for Paladin? Looking for guild? Post here.

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[H-US] Tankadin LF guild, lots of endgame experience

Postby Thegreatiam » Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:50 pm

About my gameplay:
I have been raiding since TBC; cleared through BT before Sunwell release, killed KJ right before WotLK release. Since then, I keep getting stuck with guilds that can't seem to finish the final fight in the expansion (4/5 ToGC and 11/12H ICC, for example), but I'm looking for that to change. I want a casual-hardcore guild that has 8/8H within its grasp and is willing to go back and clear heroic FL and maybe even some previous raids for shits and giggles, if nothing else. I'm used to a 25-man environment but 10 works fine for me as well.

About me:
I'm a 24 year-old male from San Diego, CA. I am a computer geek/salesman, currently employed by Staples (first person to use the word easy in a sentence gets kicked in the balls). I work closing shifts (hence the below availability) and need to find a guild that raids on my off nights, or late enough that I can drive home to my middle-of-nowhere hick town before raids. My ideal guild is laid back enough to be at least SOMEWHAT silly, but can buckle down and destroy bosses when it counts.

If you think your guild will be a good fit, let me know! I'm looking at websites and whatnot but there's a lot out there; it's taking me longer than I thought to look into guilds/apply.

Wednesday: any time
Saturday: 8:30PM pacific and later
Sunday: 7:30-8:00PM pacific and later
Rest of week: 10:00-10:30PM pacific and later

Q: Are you willing to transfer servers?

Q: Are you willing to change factions?
A: Only if the server’s dominant faction is Alliance, AND you’re paying for it.

Real ID is the DOT overkill AT gmail DOT com (replace with appropriate symbols)
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