(A:US) <Infinite Turtle Theory> on Moon Guard for 10s

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(A:US) <Infinite Turtle Theory> on Moon Guard for 10s

Postby saif » Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:25 am

Moon Guard is in CST, we raid Tues/Wed from 7pm - 10pm server.

Current needs listed in order of preference - please don't hesitate to talk to us regardless of your class or spec, and we might be able to work something out. The priority order is mostly a wish-list.

1 Tank (Core): Warrior > Death Knight > Druid > Paladin

1 Healer (Core): Holy Paladin > Restoration Shaman > Holy Priest

Full guild details:

We're looking for two more turtles to come kill tentacle-dragons with us while drinking gurgles and eating tim tams!

Our guild was formed by a close group of friends on Moon Guard nearing its second anniversary. We are a tight knit but welcoming group that enjoys energetic and sometimes bizarre conversation in guild chat. We continue to play and enjoy all aspects of the game, and we are looking to expand our roster to fill core slots and also to bring in people who might want to raid only occasionally, depending on their schedule, as well as social and casual members for dungeon runs, older raids and group PvP. While we're not an RP guild, most our members are deep into fantasy writing and familiar with the conventions of role-play, as well as some actively participating on the server.

If you're curious as to the name, look up "Turtles all the way down" on wikipedia, the page managed by our very own GM.

We expect members to be respectful of one another. We do not tolerate drama, homophobia, sexism or racism or other derogatory and threatening behaviour.

CURRENT PROGRESSION: 1/8 H Dragon Soul 10 man


1 Tank: Warrior > Death Knight > Druid > Paladin
1 Healer: Holy Paladin > Restoration Shaman > Holy Priest

Ideally the applicant has some experience in NORMAL Dragon Soul, accompanying gear to go with, and is familiar with the raiding environment in general.

RAID TIMES: All times are server time (CST)
Tuesday: 7 - 10pm
Wednesday: 7 - 10pm
Thursday: 7 - 10pm (only once a month)

Invites start 10 minutes before raid time.

Contact info:
You may apply either through our guild website or dropping a whisper or mail to one of the officers below:

Guild Lead: Thistleberry
Raid Lead: Elrahd
Officer: Maara
Officer: Innana
Website: http://infiniteturtletheory.guildlaunch.com/

You should be prepared for wiping on progression nights and bring enough potions to last the raid. We'll provide flasks and food. As we're currently in T13, you should have gear capable of tackling that content. We also expect you to have enough gold to handle repairs until you are promoted to member status, when we will help cover the cost.

Generally, we will cover all your Enchanting needs, and at least cut Gems if not provide them outright, but we expect you to keep your gear in top shape and work towards improving it. You should be familiar with your class and be able to play at least one other spec within it, and hopefully have some gear to support it, so we can swap roles around as needed. We are a laid back group that works together to solve problems rather than assigning blame, and you should be of a similar mindset.

Our attendance policy is a "sign up, show up" calender driven process, but core team members should maintain very good attendance. Core members will always have priority over other members for raid slots, and as such we expect these members to earn their slot with reliability. We expect you to make at least 80% of all monthly progression raids.

If you are going to be away for a while, please inform us early so that we can make preparations in advance to fill your slot.

Finally, we focus on progression and will tackle the hardest content available to us based on our gear - we expect you to be prepared for this and understand how to handle repeated wipes quickly and efficiently for more pulls.

Loot System:
We use a basic Suicide Kings system to distribute the current tier loot, and maintain two different lists for normal drops and tier tokens to ensure even tier distribution of loot through the raid. To assist us in this process, the one addon that we would like those seeking to join us is Drunkard Suicide Kings, found over at Curse.com

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