Tank LF US 10pm PST guild

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Tank LF US 10pm PST guild

Postby Orthien » Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:11 am

I am a Paladin tank from New Zealand in average 376IL gear looking for a new raiding guild that raids at or close to 10PM PST.

My armory is located here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/Orthien/advanced

I have been raiding and tanking in WoW since last BC where I raided from Kara up to Tempest Keep. In Wrath I cleared all content as it was current and finished with HM ICC10(- LK)and my Frostwyrm. I have cleared all entry Cata content and am currently at 6/7 normal FL due to the guild finally falling apart. We were however a top 40 guild in the first weeks of FL and one of the first 20 to kill Baleroc before we started having attendance issues again.

I have been assistiant raid leading since Nax and then fully from Ulduar and Guild Leading since late ToC.

I am looking for a new guild since my current guild has been struggling to get a full roster for a while and finally reached a point where it was no longer in my will or power to keep it together.

I am looking for a guild of mature minded players that have a good time but still get down to business when needed. The guild would raid at or around 10pm PST on any day but during the week is prefered .Preferably I would like Alliance due to always having been there but good Horde guilds will not be ignored and I am willing to change servers.
While I almost never use it due to being the only full tank, I do have a Ret set and last time I had to use it I achieved 17k DPS on Baleroc.

I am looking for a guild progressing in Hard modes as that is the content level I wish to raid but understand that lack of HM experience in Cata may weigh against that.
I am a hard worker, will to take advice that always comes prepared for raids with items and knowledge of future bosses.

I can be contacted any time here through this tread, private message or online on the US Barthilas server.
I am also more than willing to go through any necessary application processes.
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