Bored with WoW? New to WoW? REROLL with US take a look serio

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Bored with WoW? New to WoW? REROLL with US take a look serio

Postby nesingwaryconspiracy » Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:40 am

Ok, before you just go to the next thread really read this you may like what you hear!

I know there are tons of reroll projects that have come and go but this one is one that is set up for success.

I won't bore you with a wall of text so I'm gonna put a link to our website which has all the details in depth and i'll also put some quick info down.


Quick Info:
Faction: Alliance
Server: Nesingwary US PvE
Play/Raid Times: 12a-3a sever (CST)(1a-4a EST)(11p-2a MST)(10p-1a PST)
Start Date: 11/29/11 (could be moved up or back based on amount of people joining)

any other quetions please send me an email:
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Re: Bored with WoW? New to WoW? REROLL with US take a look s

Postby nesingwaryconspiracy » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:47 pm

Faction: Alliance
I personally have always played Horde and have never experienced anything passed level 30 on the Alliance side.

Server: Nesingwary
I went to and saw that Nesingwary had the WORST server progression in raiding, and that made the challenge to me to bring a badass PvE Raiding guild to this server, and the population of Alliance was a good size.

Start Date: Novemember 29th, 2011.
The start date came at random, it will be after a fresh server restart and, it would give me time to recruit relentlessly, now if people catch on this quickly I will start earlier or if it takes a while I may push the date back.

Ultimate Goal:
To be the #1 ranked Raiding Guild on the Nesingwary Server in 25mans. I want this to be mainly focused on Raiding with PvP as the secondary. My favorite thing in WoW is getting 25 people together in unison to kill a boss the feel of 25s are more epic to me and raid comp is not an issue.

The Leveling Goals:
I'd like us to level as much as possible TOGETHER, getting every single old school dungeon/quest achievement possible. I'm talking all achievements as individual and as a guild, we kill every critter to get that one, get every mount, work together to do every meta achievement even the old stuff.

Specs & Classes:
We currently need all specs and classes, but i'd like more hybrid types, those that can heal/dps and those that can dps/tank, so we never have an issue making up a group, but if you've never done a pure dps class and want to have at it, by all means please have at it, but if you are flexible look at what we have at the time of your sign up to the guild and see what we need.

Same as above, I would love to have a mix of every profession and I'm gonna need someone to guarantee to be on and have the crafting epics. Like I'll need a Blacksmith to feed all the patterns to so we have someone who can do it. In all i'd like to keep everything we need in the guild, anything crafted we can craft so we don't have to go out to the server, it would just make us stronger i think. And with that we're gonna need a ton of gathering professions to help stock the guild bank so we can be a self-sufficient guild and basically won't need to use the AH but only use our guild bank.

When we get to the point of having enough geared level 85s (25 of em), we will have a firm raiding schedule, of 12a-3a sever time (CST)(1a-4a EST)(11p-2a MST)(10p-1a PST). We will use EPGP loot system to ensure that gear goes to guildies that show up and help the guild, if you're not familiar with it, I will post a fourm about it at a later time, but I truly believe it's the fairest system out there.

With raiding as our first and most important priority, I know u can get bored with WoW when you have bosses on farm status, so I want everyone to get badass PvP gear so on offnights and times we can do rated battlegrounds and arenas, though PvP is something I can personally admit i'm a lil noob at, it's something I want to be better at.

A prime thing about this reroll guild is that I want people that are here for the long run and long term. If you're gonna try it out for a few weeks and then fall off, please don't waste our nor your time. But if you really feel like starting a new, and make a difference on a server, please do NOT hesitate and click the APPLY HERE button up top (after u register of course) and fill out an application. As of right now ANY application filled out will be accepted because we are just trying to get numbers. I understand that a few won't make it and we'll adjust as we see fit, but this is something new, different and exciting and I hope you join us and we lead a Cønspiracy to take over the Nesingwary server.
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