[A] 7/7H #127 US10man LF Tank or HPal (EST PvP server)

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[A] 7/7H #127 US10man LF Tank or HPal (EST PvP server)

Postby fafhrd » Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:46 pm

http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/ere ... .tier12_10

We had a tank quit on us since progression is over and BF3 is out, looking for a replacement. Hopefully around 6/7H and familiar with Heroic Rag so we could keep farming till 4.3 hits without too much trouble (need more rag mounts!).

Feral would be ideal fit, but prot pally would work fine too, and would consider a DK or warrior with a good app.

Holy would be an option in that it would let our current holy pally switch to tanking.

We've been raiding on Eredar US as the same guild since Vanilla, and have been server first or second most of that time. Cata has been spent at 2nd behind a 25m guild. We were 13/13H T11 pre 4.2, 6/7H T12 before the nerfs, and have been 7/7H for a few weeks now. We expect to clear heroic T13 at about the same pace. It's a fairly stable group of people who have raided together for 6 years, so we'd expect high attendance from a main tank.

During progression we try to raid 8pm eastern to midnight on Tue, Wed, Sun and Mon, during farm we drop to about 3 hours on Tuesday.

You can apply by emailing either of:


or from our somewhat dead forums at http://www.scionsofdestiny.com/ or getting in touch with me here.
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