[H-USPVP] LF Retribution Paladin!

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[H-USPVP] LF Retribution Paladin!

Postby Ash » Wed Oct 24, 2007 8:12 pm

Hello everyone. I know that these forums are dedicated mostly to tankadins, but my guild is trying to find a dedicated, friendly retadin for future raiding. I am here representing Kraklenheit Industries on the realm of Haomarush (an EST server). Loot is distributed via /roll, but certain pieces will be officer distributed for fairness; however this guild is not about loot, it is about having fun and progressing through content and I can honestly say this is the least loot-whorish guild I have ever had the pleasure of being in.

What is Kraklenheit Industries All About?
We are a relatively new PVE raiding guild that seeks to push deeply into 25-man content as fast as possible. We have a very thorough application process in which we get to know applicants as well as possible before bringing them in, so that we ensure they are good fit for the guild and are good players. We are a very goal-oriented group, and we have a very well-laid-out guild structure that facilitates communication between the membership of the guild and its leaders. We expect a lot from our members, and we expect everyone to do whatever they can to help in pushing the guild forward.
We will be raiding around 8PM-12PM EST or 9PM-12PM EST on various nights of the week and weekends.

Current Progression Status
We currently farm Gruuls weekly, just working on recruitment to progress further. We are having a good influx of recruitees and will soon be able to fill up a 25 man reliably in order to progress through end game.

We have a really great guild going here, and once we get our numbers up a little more, we will have a very nice and reliable raiding core to continue working through SSC, TK and more! This guild has so much potential that is now starting to be tapped into, and I would like to see us go the distance. If you want to be part of something great in this game, look no further.

Hard Requirements
> Level 70
> Karazhan Key
> Omen ( http://files.wowace.com/Omen/Omen.zip )
> Ventrilo with working mic ( http://www.ventrilo.com )
> At least one heroic key, not including Keepers of Time.

Qualities we are looking for in applicants:
> Determination to progress and succeed
> Good problem solving skills
> Hard working
> Good understanding of your class in a PVE environment
> Punctuality
> Good natured
> Willingness to learn and adapt

To learn more and to apply, visit our forums at http://www.kraklenheit.tk

I would also like to add that if you are seriously interested in joining, take some time on your application. If you are the nicest person in the world, you can still come off as lazy and uneducated if you do not put effort into the application.

Thanks, and have a great week! :D

[Edit: Please note that our application process requires you to run a Heroic with the guild, so even if your written application is outstanding, if you do not have the attitude and fundamental knowledge of your class and spec you may be denied. However, if you are a nice person and confident about your abilities, I'm sure that you will be a great addition to our family.]
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