(A) Oceanic Giant Communist Robots 7/8N Recruitment:

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(A) Oceanic Giant Communist Robots 7/8N Recruitment:

Postby Lumenactio » Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:02 am

The Facts:

Server: Dath'Remar (GMT +10)
Faction: Alliance
Guild Name: Gíant Communíst Robots
Website: http://www.gcrguild.com/forums/index.php
Schedule: Wed, Sun & Mon 7:45 - 11pm Server.

We are willing to assist with server transfer if applicant is seeking long term home and raid commitment.

About us:

GCR raid teams are groups of 12 raiders within GCR that meet 3 times a week to see end content, down some bosses and have a laugh along the way.

Most of us have been raiding since Vanilla or BC and while GCR has been around for nearly 6 years these teams started raiding together at the start of Cata.

We love raiding. We don’t love the hours spent preparing for raids and we've set things up accordingly. So if you want to see end content with a core group of friendly folk without all the boring bits, then we're the team for you!

What we're looking for:

Current priorites:
2 DPS, preference to DK/Lock, but open to others. Require the DK to have Blood OS.

Our ideal members are:
- over 18
- reliable and punctual
- possess a working microphone and aren't afraid to use it
- have a stable internet connection
- skilled in the class they play
- previous raiding experience with a love of achievements

What we can offer:

- Level 25 guild with all the perks
- All raid repairs paid for
- All raid consumables provided (in exchange for 1 flask and a few fish each raid)
- Assistance with gems and chants
- A relaxed, fun and mature raiding environment

How does a raid group of 12 people work?

We work on a rotating schedule so you can have a night off, get sick, work late or dye your hair blond and perfect that Justin Beiber routine you've been working on… because we all have a life and, well, some things really are best left private.

Your nights off are generally scheduled in advance but we get that real life can be a tricky mistress so if something comes up try to let us know by 5pm.

Whichever way, there's no hanging around at the stone for an hour wondering if you'll get to raid, no fervent questions vanishing into guild chat. Your automated invitation goes out 7:45pm and we pull at 8pm. We are Robots after all.

I'm NOT a loot #!*#@ but…

None of us are loot #!*#@s but let's be honest, nobody is THAT nice. It's great to get some shinies from time to time and if you're a good player there's sure to a best-in-slot somewhere you've got your eye on. So how does loot work? Well on farm bosses you'll have all the loot you want. On new drops we take it in turns. We're a small team so you're generally only competing for loot with one or two other people at the most.

The only downside: "You take it. No, you take it. No, I insist you take it…" does tend to slow down the raid.

Yea, but what's raiding really like?

Our raids are efficient and fun. Wednesday night tends to be farm night. The rest of the week we spend on progression or achievements. One night a month we try to go back and do old-school achieves for that pesky drake that may have slipped through your fingers.

We don’t AFK after every pull and we don't spend ages discussing what went wrong between wipes. MOAR fish, MOAR pulls! Oh, and a quick foam sword fight with a sly shadow priest.

What about guild progression? How do promotions work?

Did I mention we were Robots? GCR has a pretty socialist structure. There's two Raid Leaders, two raiding teams - Decepticons and Autobots, a rank for social members and alts. You'll get promoted from your starting rank into a raid team after a two week probation and then have access all the guild perks just like everyone else.

Can my husband / brother / friend / mother join?

Yep. Once you pass your probation, just have them put in an app, tell us about your circumstances and we'll work it out.

Sounds great, what now?

Go to http://www.gcrguild.com/forums/index.php, fill out an app and we'll try to contact you within 24 hours.

For more information contact one of the following people in game:

Lumenactio (Raid Leader)

(30 mins before and after raid times are great times to contact these people.)
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Re: (A) Oceanic Giant Communist Robots 4/7N Recruitment:

Postby Koatanga » Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:29 pm

Good guild - excellent reputation on Dath'Remar.
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Re: (A) Oceanic Giant Communist Robots 6/7H Recruitment:

Postby Lumenactio » Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:50 am

What's up with people always leaving the game at the end of content?

Looking for 2 good dps to start 4.3 and Dragon Soul with us.

Good core group. Stable, been together since Burning Crusade in one raid size or another.
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