[US] [H] <The Grubs> 10M 2/7 - 6/13 (Zul'jin)

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[US] [H] <The Grubs> 10M 2/7 - 6/13 (Zul'jin)

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[H][Zul'jin]<The Grubs> 10M Tu/W/Su 7pm EST

About Us
The Grubs is a well established guild dating back to the days of EQ1 (Mithaniel Marr server), i.e., as a guild we have been together for over 12 years. We classify ourselves as end-game raiding casual with three nights of raids per week (Tues/Wed/Sun 7PM EST). We have been raiding at the WoW end-game level since release.

As for current content, we are boldly going where a lot of guilds have gone already it seems, far into the depths of Firelands. Details of our progression can be seen on WoWProgress, GuildOx, and Wowtrack:


The Grubs is comprised primarily of college students and working professionals. Very rarely does anyone under the age of 18 make it through our application process (or through the ridicule in guild chat for not having pubic hair or descended testicles).

Loot is distributed through a homebrewed system based on attendance. The more you raid, the more opportunity you have to win shiny purple pixels. Bonuses can be and have been granted for going above and beyond the normal raid duties (farming runs, disenchanting runs to restock the guild bank's enchanting mats, etc). The system has been in use for many, many years and has proven to be drama-free.

About You
We expect applicants to be mature individuals who excel at their class. You should be properly geared to jump into raids with us and be competitive, which means a minimum equipped ilvl of at least 350+. Experience with all fights in BWD, BoT, and TotFW is expected; experience on the heroic versions of these encounters is a plus. Your gear should be enchanted and gemmed with the best possible items. You should also be able to justify both of your specs and your professions. Ideal candidates will be PvE focused and willing to go the extra mile to ensure they are ready to perform at the top of their game by coming to raids fully prepared.

As an applicant, you will be expected to maintain a 75% raiding attendance throughout your trial period. However, significant consideration will be given to those whose attendance numbers are 90%+. We've all been there and know how demoralizing it is to have to cancel a raid due to lack of attendance. If you have classes or work weird hours that interfere or even could possibly interfere on more than a freak one-time basis with our raids, I would suggest you look elsewhere.

Class Specific Needs
HEALERS: a holy paladin and a druid or shaman
DPS: 1 spot open, any class

How To Apply
If the above looks like something you'd like to be a part of, please visit our application forums at http://thegrubs.com and read through the more detailed applicant information as well as our guild M.O. Then fill out an application and hope we don't berate you too hard.

If you have any questions, feel free to find Pahonix or my alt Pryzbylewski in game. You may also contact either of our other officers in game: Qrazy or Leonardnimoy.
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