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[A]<Amaranth Knights>US-PVE-Eldre'thalas

Postby SerraAK » Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:16 am

Amaranth Knights is a mature progressive end-game guild.

We are currently seeking Tanks, Heals, and some DPS. The Follow classes are nearest the top of our priority list:
1 Blood DK
1 Prot Warrior
1 Feral(bear) Druid
1-2 Prot/Holy Pally
1 Resto Druid
1 Resto Shamman
1 Fire/Arcane Mage
1 Demo/Aff Warlock
1-2 Rogue

We are also recruiting most other classes and our recruitment priority will be updated regularly on our website. Currently, our goal is simply to bolster our ranks and continue to add timers to our raid schedule, with the intention of having at least two 25 man timers eventually. We raid 25s every raid night and are close to having an additional 10 man grp.

Our Raid times are presently Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10PM to 1:30AM server time(East coast server).

Minimum age: 16 No exceptions

100% attendance is expected, but 85% is required to maintain guild membership, and at the very least to maintain Raider rank. Raider rank gets priority over Member rank when raid invites go out. This does not mean that you will not raid if you are of Member rank.

A minimum gear score of around 4300 at this point in the expansion is best. Its not mandatory, but it is definitely preferred.

We are currently 9/12 Cata normal mode raid bosses down due to some recruiting issues early on. During previous expansions we completed all content as a guild, including TBC and all heroic mode content during WotLK, including UlduarHM 10/25, ToGC 10/25, and HICC 10/25. We have a brilliant raid lead team and a revised and more diverse guild management team. We have a good solid relationship between guildies, and a serious and dedicated raider rank. We have been among the top guilds on our server for nearly three years, and intend to continue our climb to the #1 spot. Don't miss out, we WILL beat your guild!

NOTE: Please be at the top of your game. We need quality raiders and don't really have room for anything less.

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