[A-10][Dragonblight]<Team Awesome>11/12 oceanic heal+dpstank

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[A-10][Dragonblight]<Team Awesome>11/12 oceanic heal+dpstank

Postby Mex » Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:51 pm

- Currently 11/12, working on Nefarian and Heroic Halfus
- 3 raid nights a week, W/Th/M, 6:30pm-10pm Australian EST, or 12:30pm-4am Server Time (PST)
- 1 Healer of any class, 1 DPS with a tank offspec (roughly 1 night a week tanking), plus any exceptional applicants

Team Awesome is a 10 man raid group that operates under the umbrella guild of Deus ex Crux. As such, we're looking for applicants that fit in with both the raid group of TA, as well as the social atmosphere of our parent guild. DeC is a mature, high-respect-low-drama guild. We place a heavy emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability, and on generally acting like adults. If legions of b-tards spamming the latest forced memes send you into a frothing rage, then DeC may be the place for you.

Demographically, we consist of a healthy mixture of Australians, New Zealanders, and North Americans, with a smattering of other oceanics thrown in.

While Team Awesome is predominantly a socially driven outfit, we nevertheless have a few general requirements when it comes to player performance. Progression is not something that we treat with frivolity, and your attitude and ability should reflect this.

Loot is handled via free rolls with a don't-be-a-prick clause -- a system that is indicative of TA as a whole. We respect each other, and don't employ an overly structured heirarchy.

As an applicant, we're more concerned with you, as a person, and your ability to play your character than your specific class. Healers should have a solid understanding of your class's healing capabilities and how they fit into the raid at large, and the ability to intelligently and appropriately react to a wide variety of situations in concert with our healing team to maximise efficiency. Many of our healers maintain a DPS offspec, and while this is encouraged, it's by no means mandatory. Gear and experience should both be commensurate with our level of progression. It's okay if you're a little bit behind, but we're not really interested if you're in half 333 gear and once cleared 2/5 ToC.

As a DPS/Tank, your primary focus should be on your DPS spec. However, you should expect to tank on a relatively regular basis, approximately one night per week in an offtank capacity. We understand that collecting multiple gearsets for such a task is demanding, and as such standards will not be restrictively high. That said, there should be some indication that you have made an effort toward maintaining and playing both specs.

If you feel that you're an exceptional applicant (cool person, great player, no drama) then feel free to head on over and shoot off an app. We're always happy to broaden our ranks for people who aren't wankers.

More information on the guild, as well as details on how to apply, can be found at http://cruxguild.org/forums, or feel free to log on and PM a member of DeC at any time for a chat.
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