Impetuous ( horde) Haomarush. 12/12 normal 1/12 heroic.

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Impetuous ( horde) Haomarush. 12/12 normal 1/12 heroic.

Postby shanji » Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:04 pm

Hello paladins!, ive copied this straight from our recruitment post on the offical forums aswell as mmo. : )

We recently lost a couple of members from real life issues and are looking for idealy a Holy paladin and all other applicants !

Raiding interest?
Then maybe we can accommodate you. We are Impetuous of Haomarush (PvP) and we're always on the lookout for good players! Perhaps this could be you?

We strive to have an open atmosphere within the guild, where players can express their feelings, opinions and what not.

We're currently raiding 3 days a week (Wednesday - Thursday and Sunday), from 20.00 (invites 19.45) - 23.00. This means we're not raiding a full time schedule, but still we maintain good progression compared to other guilds raiding more than us.

At the moment we're running with a loot priority system, which works well for us. We expect people to be sensible about loot. Raiding isn't about loot, it's about progressing as a whole. So loot@%#%%s have no good time here.

Currently we're looking for the following classes to enforce our raid roster:
Needed classes:
- Holy paladin
- Feral druid(DPS)

What Impetuous Expects:
- English speaking, we are an international guild, so knowing the language is a must.
- Sociable, don't sit in guild chat saying nothing, we like a social atmosphere!
- Respect is the keyword, not only within the guild, but towards other guilds too
- Skilled - Can you move out of patches on the floor quickly? If you can, please apply!
- 18+ ( Prove maturity and be considered! )
- Helpful, This is a guild that wants to advance itself as a whole - help your fellow guildies and they will help back!
- Able to learn - If you can learn quickly, that is more important than anything else. Skill > Experience but you need to prove that to us!

We want members to speak out their mind to officers if something is bothering them, we found this really benefits the atmosphere.

What Impetuous doesn’t want:
- Someone that can’t take a joke.
- Someone that will get upset when we give constructive criticism. (Slating is not ~ acceptable.)
- Someone that can’t socialize.
- People that are dependent of raging girlfriends/ boyfriends/ parents.
- Crap players - if we find you are, you'll be removed!

If this all looks appealing to you, then have a look around at: or please don't hesitate to speak to one of the officers in game: Shanji, Mcfrosty and Ayarea!

See you soon! <Impetuous>

Social members:
Yes, you hear it right! Impetuous is recruiting social members! Those people that want to be in a guild, but don't want to be bound to raiding or whatever silly requirements a guild gives them.

It doesn't matter what class, gender, race or level you are!

What Impetuous can offer you is a friendly and social environment, guild-perks and best of all without any obligations!

But wait, this is not all! We are currently in the process to see who is interested for social raids on either Friday or Saturday nights for those who wish. Obligation free of course. Nothing is set in stone yet as we're still in the making of doing so. To give those who have no interest in raiding 3 days a week a chance to still see some of the content.

Interested? Have a look at or poke any of our online members to direct you to an officer online.

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