Language Barrier! US PvE Skywall 5/12 10 man.

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Language Barrier! US PvE Skywall 5/12 10 man.

Postby Warsadin » Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:20 pm

Hey everyone Wars here long time warcraft fansite community member here to promote <Language Barrier> of Skywall.

Who we are:
Skywall is one of those servers where most players there have been playing since the server opened. It is a very friendly server where people help each other, or make fun of each other, as often as possible. Skywall has a rich history of never being a very progressed server and that stays true to this day. This server will not get you laid at a bar over on St. Catherine's street.

Language Barrier is comprised of players who have been around Skywall since it opened, back in May of 2005. We've seen it all, the Vanilla days when things were terrible, and now we look at with rose-colored glasses. TBC where we all thought, "This is where skywall will make it's name." Though it never did. LK, the rise of pugs, and the rise of well known trolls in trade chat, the dissolution of a lot of guilds as well.

LB was formed during Wrath and has been stable ever since. We have a great leader, Mr former High Warlord Senomar. He's very laid back guy and enjoys helping members out whenever he can, forming the stone we've built our great home around. Our officer core is among some of the most knowledgeable people in-game you can meet. Always on top of the latest discussion topics if you so choose. Our members are fast with a joke, quick to befriend, and speedy with a loan(provided you're well-intentioned!).

Our average age is 24-26 years old and we conduct ourselves in the most childish-mature manner possible. You will hear many jokes which are both appropriate and not. Sometimes we even call each other by our first names because we've been playing together for 5 years in some cases.

Who we're recruiting!

Death Knight: Closed
Druid: Closed
Hunter: Open
Mage: Open
Paladin: Open! (Prot with ret/heals offpsec!)
Priest: Open
Rogue: Closed
Shaman: Open
Warlock: Open
Warrior: Closed

Where we are:
LB is a progressing guild. We've got 3 raid nights which are a max of 3.5 hours a night, unless we all feel like pushing. These raids are 25 man raids.

8:30PST-12:00PST (that's 8:30 PM of course).

10 mans are run in the event there are still bosses to kill. If there is nothing to kill, we'll just kill stuff on alts. 10 mans are run any of the other days, which are not 25mans.

Right now we are 5/12 in 25mans. With additional bosses being killed in 10mans.
BoT: Halfus and V&T down on 25man. Ascendant Council and Cho'gall down in 10s!
BWD: Omnitron, Magmaw, Maloriak down in 25s. Artramedes and Chimerion down in 10s!
Tot4W: Cleared in 10man!
BH is killed every week, yayyy free pvp gear :-/

We have a account which I run personally. We have been killing things with 22 people this week, with 3 kills in 25man without a full raid.

BONUS: I also give out 100g to each member of the ranged/healers and melee who take the least damage with an activity over 90% after every kill. That's right, I gave out 600g of my own money this week to promote people not standing in fire. Want some?

LB uses a EPGP system. This system rewards points throughout the raid night along with a bonus for a progression kill along with on-time and ending EP(effort points). As you gain items you use GP(gear points). The ratio of effort points to gear points results in your PR(points ratio) and the higher your points ratio, the higher your priority on gear.

We require two mods to raid with us with this loot system.
---EPGP(dkp reloaded) ---
This will show you your position in the ranking, along with all your EP/GP/PR stats.

---EPGP Lootmaster ---
This mod will give you an easy, Need, Greed, Pass option based on the loot coming up, if you can't use it, it auto-passes. This works well for the officers, and is a great way to hand out 3 Malevolences that drop off Halfus at once.

There is zero drama with our raid system, as such we openly pass greater upgrades in raids if we feel that's warranted since we're all freinds.

EP decays at a 10% a week ratio. This keeps things rolling and rewards consistent participation and high attendance.

Contact info:
Please visit our website and drop an application, we have spots open for dps and healers alike though we are quite heavy on tanks at the moment, a great application and interview might get someone in on social status.
Again, the website is

In-game please contact any of the following in order to have any additional questions answered: Senomar, Magnatz, Maxion, Shabaz, Warstehdruid
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