[A] Ascendance [PVE] 25M H: 8/13 [PST] Recruiting

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[A] Ascendance [PVE] 25M H: 8/13 [PST] Recruiting

Postby Dordric » Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:10 am

Last Updated: May 25, 2011

Server: Uther PVE PST
Battlegroup: Whirlwind
Datacenter: Phoenix


High Demand
Death Knight - DPS
Druid - Boomkin
Shaman - Elemental

Medium Demand
Paladin - Holy
Priest - Holy, Disc, Shadow
Shaman - Restoration, Enhance
Tank (any class)

We are always on the lookout for highly-skilled individuals. Regardless of whether your class is listed as high/med/low demand, our standards remain the same. If you do not see your class/role listed and you feel you are the type of player we want, we encourage you to apply regardless.

Progression Level on Cataclysm content:

1/2 TotFW 25 Heroic
2/2 TotFW 25 Normal
5/6 BWD 25 Heroic
6/6 BWD 25 Normal
2/5 BoT 25 Heroic
4/4 BoT 25 Normal

Progression Level on previous WotLK content:
RS 25
RS HM 10
12/12 ICC HM 25
12/12 ICC HM 10
12/12 ICC25
12/12 ICC10
5/5 ToGC 25 (Insanity completed)
5/5 ToC 25
5/5 ToGC 10 (Insanity completed)
5/5 ToC 10
14/14 Ulduar 25 (0 lights, Algalon completed)
14/14 Ulduar 10 (0 lights, Algalon completed)

Raid Times:
Sunday - Tuesday, Thursday: 7pm-10pm pacific time (server time).
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday is main content. One night is reserved for 10 man's. Monday is tentative depending on unfinished content.

Ascendance is a raiding guild. We actively push new content (i.e. TotFW-25, BWD-25, BoT-25). We have the Alliance first and only kills of Heroic LK 25 pre-expansion. Currently we have the server first clears of Ulduar-25, Naxxramas-25, Sartharion-25 3D, Malygos-25. Previously in The Burning Crusade (TBC) we had everything in Sunwell, Hyjal, and Black Temple or lower on farm status with a number of server firsts including Kil'Jaeden, M'uru, Eredar, Felmyst, Illidan, and more. Prior to the TBC expansion, we cleared every boss in the game, including all 15 bosses in Naxxrammas. We tend to raid officially four nights a week and run alt Cata-10 raids, pre-cata instances/heroics/BG's & PVP/Arena on our off-nights. We have been around since the World of Warcraft beta over six years ago and have had the same officer core since retail.

Ascendance has enjoyed raiding all instances and been at, or near, the top of the server progression list since the beginning. We take pride in our accomplishments and always strive towards a challenge together.

We would like to find prospective recruits who are willing to learn new encounters and expand their knowledge base on their current raid experience. Recruits must be consistent in their playtimes and able to communicate with class officers, officers and members to fully understand encounters and be an active part of Ascendance.

Our site: http://www.ascendancewow.com

For further information feel free to log onto Uther server with a level 1 alt and find an officer online to talk to.

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Re: [A] Ascendance [PVE] H: 3/13 [PST] Recruiting

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Re: [A] Ascendance [PVE] H: 5/13 [PST] Recruiting

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Re: [A] Ascendance [PVE] 25M H: 8/13 [PST] Recruiting

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