[US] 3/13 Prot Pally LFG (10m)

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[US] 3/13 Prot Pally LFG (10m)

Postby Throb » Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:46 am

So, my current guild is closing up shop and I like to raid, so a quick run down of me to see if I might be a good fit for your guild and am worth talking to:

Character: Jozan
I'm currently on US-Kilrogg, but I will server transfer.

Raid Times:
I'd prefer to not have to go past 1am EST on a regular basis. 3% wipe on Sinestra at 1:05? Yeah, I'll stay up for however long that's going to take. Farming old content at 1:05? Yeah, not going to want to do that.

WoW History:
I've been playing WoW since closed beta. I've raided basically everything (I didn't do SWP in TBC having stopped playing for a bit when it was released). I've tanked on a Warrior since TBC, but only picked up the Pally for Cata. It's not exactly rocket surgery switching from Warrior to Pally, so the transition was pretty painless.

What I'm Looking For:
A 10 man guild that is working on hard modes. I'd prefer to not go below 3/13 unless you can make a compelling case. I don't care about if the guild provides consumables/repairs/whatever, but that kind of stuff is a plus. I don't care if you run DKP, loot council, /random, or have the GM's cat pick who gets loot. As long as content is getting downed, I really don't care about the peripheral things. Additionally, I'm looking for a guild where I can come in and contribute. I don't want to join a guild and ride the bench for 11/13 every week. I'm fine with sitting out from time to time as needed, but, well, I don't think anyone plays WoW to sit on the bench.

What I Bring:
I'm not going to stand in fire. I'm not going to try to keyboard turn my way to victory. I keep up with my class and understand the how and why of it. I run the numbers I need to run to maximize my raidability. I show up night after night and work on killing raid bosses because it's what I enjoy. I'm pretty damn good at it, too. I don't claim to be the best. I am not perfect. I will wipe us. But, after a wipe or two, I'm solid and consistent. You can count on me to be in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.

Clearly, this is just a rough overview to see if I *might* be a good fit for your guild. Message me in game or here and we can set up a real meeting/have me apply/whatever.

tl;dr: 3/13 Prot Pally needs a US guild that is pretty good. I'm not too bad.
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