[H] Tankadin Looking to Raid (351 Item Level)

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[H] Tankadin Looking to Raid (351 Item Level)

Postby Eneroth » Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:10 pm

Hello All,

First off a few things about me. I finished taking a break from WoW at the end of WotLK and have recently come back. At this moment in time I am in a guild, only on Friend Status and I truly need to raid. Here is some history about my past raiding. In Vanilla WoW, I used to play a rogue, and got up to and including a few bosses in Naxx. During BC, I changed to my paladin, and during that time got all the way to M'uru in Sunwell. And in WotLK I tried out a DK, but after a short break from the paladin I had to go back for the love of tanking. I got all the way up to, but excluded Lick King. The reason for this was simple, I was sick they downed the Lich King. After that the raid members dropped, and it was close to impossible to even field a 10man and the officers refused to recruit any new members. So after doing pick up groups for ICC, with a few guild mates, I just got burned out of the fail.

So I decided to take a break from WoW and relax with my woman, as well as hang out with my real life friends. At that point I found out that my best friend was being shipped over seas and I decided to spend as much time with him as possible. So the game fell back even more, not sure if I would see him again. But as always, the call of Wow called me back. I was able to wait a bit and come back with Cata. And a friend of mine convinced me to leave the server I was on to join him, but it didn't work out all that well. AKA hence only being on friend status in the guild I am in.

As of right now, after talking it over with my girl, I am ready to start to raid again. Here are my play times; all in Eastern Time Zone.

8pm till 1am. All days, with the simple exception of needing to have a week day free. So it would be...

Monday: 8pm - 1am
Tuesday: 8pm - 1am (I would need one of these three days off)
Wednesday: 8pm - 1am (I would need one of these three days off)
Thursday: 8pm - 1am (I would need one of these three days off)

Friday: 8pm - 1am
Saturday: 8pm - 1am
Sunday: 8pm - 1am

The reason for this is because I run a role playing group and that happens either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. So I will need one of those days free. Pretty open to which day it is. But I am looking to only raid about 3 days a week. Since I do have a SO, and want to keep it that way. And I do enjoy spending time with her, and WoW is not an escape of real life but a place to have fun.

I am NOT looking to go Alliance, and will only raid on the Horde side.

I am a pretty open person and enjoy to have fun, and right now I am looking to enjoy my time in the game with raiding. I am thirty-four years old, so one does not need to worry about a young kid. Also, profanity does not offend me in guild chat or in vent. I would be willing to join a 25man guild, but honestly I think I would rather go with a 10man.

As in the title, my item level is 351, pretty much as high as I can get it without raiding. I have completed all the heroics dungeons so far. Here are some of my stats:

Health - 155k
Avoidance including Block - 76.93%

I can swing more into health, but at this point in time no one has been able to decide if health is needed more then avoidance. But with a few gem swaps, gear as well as a trinket swap, I am sure I can reach closer to 163k un-buffed.

I would be willing to stay on ER, but again I would transfer over to another server, and I prefer a PvE server over a PvP. Since at this point in time, I don't plan on PvPing all that often.
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