[A-PVE] US 16 _-Phoenix-_ Looking for more for Cataclysm

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[A-PVE] US 16 _-Phoenix-_ Looking for more for Cataclysm

Postby Tetsuro » Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:46 pm

Phoenix on Greymane (http://www.phoenixgreymane.com) is looking to recruit several classes. We are currently looking for the classes listed below:

1 Feral Druid
1 Restoration Druid
1 Holy Paladin
1 Restoration Shaman

*These are fulltime raid positions*

~~All skilled/exceptional applicants feel free to apply regardless of our class need!~~

About us:
We've been around since January '06. We aim to raid competitively without adding extra raiding hours during progression. The current raid schedule was set up when we started the guild. 4 years later, it remains the same. We don't brag about achievements or participate in forum flame wars and the like. It is immature, and frankly we just play the game to enjoy it. We are very alt friendly. We do a lot of alt runs, as well as use alts for the main raids when raid stacking is needed.

Raid schedule:
Monday through Thursday - 8:30pm - 1:00am EST

Raid environment:
A lot of our members are able to contribute to the strategy development process, we want players who can do that. If you're one who simply does as told, please do not apply. We're always working on new content and rely on our members who can understand what's going on and try to find solutions.
We take raiding very seriously. We use max consumables for everything. Members take pride in their play and are always looking to improve. Things like swapping specs, glyphs, gems on a per fight basis are expected.

Our ideal applicant is reliable, intelligent, highly motivated, and a team player. You don't randomly not log in for a raid night. You can communicate your ideas clearly. You don't need to be told to do more damage or explore new ways to improve yourself. You understand that you are part of a team and it's not all about yourself. You consider yourself to be a world class player, and you're always looking to do better .


Any further questions can be directed at Kater, Afkater, Sammichmaker or Kateroo in game. Or via forum PM to user "Kater".
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Re: [A-PVE] US 16 _-Phoenix-_ Looking for more for Cataclysm

Postby Tetsuro » Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:47 pm

What we're looking for in a recruit:
We do not want a recruit to simply be as good as our current members, or be someone who simply wants to be told what to do and follow instructions. Instead, we have high standards for our recruit as we depend on them to raise the average skill level in the guild and drive us forward. We're looking for a person who naturally satisfies the following characteristics.

Intelligence - This doesn't really mean "don't be stupid". You need to be smart enough to understand what's going around you. This becomes especially important when working on new content where everyone's contribution and observation helps the raid progress. The raid leader can't always instantly recognize a weakness, especially on bosses where the raid is split up to handle multiple sets of mobs, so you should be able to understand and analyze events around you and contribute to the raid's progression. Being previously in a raid leader/guild master position is a plus.

Self-motivated - You love the raiding game. A lot of us would raid 8 hours a day 7 days a week if our jobs allowed it. You don't need someone to tell you to use a flask/oil/food when doing content that requires it. During progression, you'd respec for bosses just to gain that additional hp, or chance to resist fear, or chance to stun. You should be constantly researching your class trying to better yourself. Generally, you enjoy being in a raid instance and killing bosses.

Reliability - We don't recruit for the bench, we have enough casuals and alts to warm the bench. We depend on our members to make our raids. You should be able meet our raid times on a consistent basis, when you can't, you would normally let us know ahead of time so we can work around it. Nothing is more frustrating to a raid than to log on and find out someone didn't log on, deeming the raid not capable of doing what's scheduled for the night. It's overly frustrating when we would have worked around it had we known ahead of time. 90% attendance should be normal for you, if you can't sustain that then please do not apply.

Skill - You should be able to play multiple specs of your class in a raid environment. That means anything from pushing high dps, to spellsteal tanking, to interrupting casts, to coping with different movement requirements for different boss fights. The introduction of dual spec opens up great opportunities for one person to be able to full fill several raid needs; dps when more dps is needed, switch to tank if an encounter needs additional tanks, bring an alt healer if we're missing another healer...etc. We don't require members to have level 80 geared alts of every class and be able to play every spec, but some diversity in playing your main character is definitely a plus.

Efficiency - We ensure our raids are as efficient as possible, we keep the downtime to a minimum. During progression, we may try to keep the same 25 until we get a kill. If you have children or family pets that require constant attention during raids, if you get off work 15 minutes before raid time, if you run to a coffee shop to make raid times, please do not apply. You should be able to do all your daily needs ahead of raid time and dedicate the four hours to raiding. The only thing worse than raiding with bads is raiding with afk'ers. You should be living somewhere where you are able to comfortably make our raid times so you can give the raid the time and attention it requires.

Gear - This doesn't mean have every best in slot piece in the game. What we mean by this is you should choose your gear, gems and enchants intelligently and your raid set should reflect that.

If this sounds like you, apply at http://www.phoenixgreymane.com.
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