[H] <Calculated Risk> - 10 Man Recruiting

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[H] <Calculated Risk> - 10 Man Recruiting

Postby Stormgrasp » Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:02 am

<Calculated Risk> is a new guild composed of old faces on Exodar. We are a laid back guild that is ready to dive head first into Cataclysm 10 man progression. We're not the most hardcore guild, but we're not slackers. We plan to be up there in progression and be a foreboding 10 man guild. We will be a VERY tight knit group of people, and our needs are very limited at the moment. We originally weren't going to recruit people we didn't know either personally or as a referral, but we've decided to open our blinds a little and see what Exodar and other servers has to offer.


Be A Competent Player: this is very important to us, and is instrumental in being a successful and happy guild. We aren't looking for people who think they might be able to fill the role. We want people who KNOW they can do it and KNOW what they're capable of, and are able to execute that to their best ability.

Same Mindset Throughout: We love the game and want to enjoy it as much as possible. The only way to do that is to play with people who have similar goals as you and want to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

No Nonsense: We aren't looking for the player who is changing guilds every week to meet his selfish desires. We want the players who dedicate their time and effort into being the best that they can be. If we all can do this and be satisfied with our performance, the guild will succeed. No doubt about it.

Maturity: This goes without saying. we're preferring 17+ and below that will have to really show that they are mature individuals who can control their actions and control the way they act. We're a laid back guild, and we joke around with each other ALOT. We want you to be able to fully enjoy the guild and the best way is to be mature and respectful to the guild. We're a family and we aren't going to bash and give criticism that isn't in the best intentions.


We are VERY selective about who we're going into Cataclysm with. We want to form the guild now and be killing Deathwing's sorry buttocks with the same 10 people we leveled to 85 with. If you fit in this catagory, you're a competent player who knows what they're doing, is able to execute and has been doing what they're doing enough to be a reputable example of the guild.

Our Needs as of 11/8/10:

1 Protection Paladin OR Protection Warrior
1 Restoration Druid
1 Melee DPS besides DK

Psychotic/Spyware/Manabattery - GM
Sugardrop/Bethie/Javajavajava - Co-GM
Dunlop - Officer
Eliona - Officer

Guild Website is under construction by our GMs. (They are web designers so it's destined to be amazing.)
Ventrilo will be available.

Thank you all and take care!
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Re: [H] <Calculated Risk> - 10 Man Recruiting

Postby Jeroboam » Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:29 pm

I recently returned to WoW after a 18 month hiatus and I am trying to find a dedicated 10 man progression guild. I've been a protection paladin since TBC, and have a fair amount of Holy experience as well.

My preferences for a guild are a group of tight-knit, consistent and reliable people that you can raid with regularly and come to know what to expect. I am 28 and married, so my play time is not what it used to be. I am looking for a guild that will do most of their raiding in 2 nights per week, with an occasional third. I also prefer longer raiding sessions of 3-4 hours or even more as opposed to 2 hrs/night or the like.

My availability is Sunday 6-12:30am (all times CST), Monday 6-midnight, Tuesday 6-midnight, Wednesday 6-midnight. I'd prefer to raid Sundays and Mondays with occasional Wednesdays if possible.

My previous experience raiding is mostly 25 man in TBC. I raided regularly with the progression group through Kara, Mags, Gruul, SC and TK. I quit WoW when I got married, and played some Wrath, but did not raid seriously (just farm runs with old guildmates). Now that Cata is redoing gear for 10 v 25 man raids, I am looking for a serious 10 man guild.

I would love to have a discussion with you on vent or in game and answer more of your questions if you're interested. I will send you a PM with my in game info and email.
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