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Re: [A] <JC>US top 100 12/12 HM LF tank

Postby Kaitri » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:39 am

Just Crusade, an end-game raiding guild, was created over 5 years ago on the Elune server, and has raided every instance since Molten Core. Many members are still here from those early days and the guild will still be here in Cataclysm. Raiding only 4 days per week, we've achieved server first clears and titles for WotLK, quickly getting new content and hardmodes on farm. We're looking for some dedicated players to join our raid force as we continue to farm heroic LK 25 and prepare for Cataclysm.

We have opened up recruitment for all classes/applicants as we prepare for Cataclysm, with high demand for a tank (paladin, DK) and a feral druid (dps mainspec/tank offspec). If you are interested in joining our ranks, please don't hesitate to apply.

Our normal raid schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, from 7:30-11:30PM EST.

ICC Progression (12/12 heroic 10/25):

Light of Dawn (US #79)
Glory of the Icecrown Raider (US #12, World #50)
Bane of the Fallen King (US #69)
Heroic Halion (10/25)

ToGC progression:
Grand Crusader
US #54 Heroic Anub'arak (25)
US #12 Earth, Wind, and Fire (25)
Dedicated Insanity complete, with World #6 Tribute to Insanity on 10s.

Ulduar progression:
Death's Demise (US #48)
Celestial Defender (US #59)
14/14 hardmodes (when content was current)

Pre-Ulduar achievements include:
Realm First: Sartharion + 3 Drakes, Malygos, Naxxramas, Black Temple, prenerf 6/6 Sunwell

What we can offer you:
ICC rankings: We're 12/12 heroic on 10 and 25. We will continue to kill LK 25 hardmode every week to farm the mount and weapons until Cataclysm.

Raiding costs covered: We sell titles, crafting mats and BoEs to the server and split the profits among guild members, covering all consumable and raiding expenses.

Raid time for trials:
Trials will be given priority when creating the raid roster, instead of being benched for progression. We maintain a small roster and we recruit for full-time spots, not backup positions. Our trial process is 3-4 weeks and we don’t judge based on a single night’s performance.

Fair loot system: You will be able to earn DKP at the same rate as normal raiders, which prevents favoritism present in some loot council systems. We’re not recruiting people who are motivated by loot, but it is nice to get some shiny new purple pixels from time to time. We also have different pools of DKP for each tier of content to discourage hoarding.

Flexible attendance policy: Although we expect our raiders to maintain high attendance over months and years, we know that there are always RL things that come up. We have worked around school assignments, exams, deployments, weddings and vacations in order to keep our solid core of raiders happy in-game and out. That said, we expect incredible performance and effort on your part to make it onto our core roster.

Stability: What Just Crusade can offer is stability, reliability and a permanent raiding spot. The guild is over five years old, formed on the second day of release. We've been the top guild on the server since BC and have every intention of continuing to raid in Cataclysm. We have dealt with the ups and downs of progression over the years and have consistently ranked in the US top 100. We pride ourselves on our mature and no-drama environment which has allowed us to make the most of our 4-day raiding schedule.

Fun environment: We're all in our mid- to- late-twenties, and most of us have an awesome time together both in an out of a raiding environment. When we're working on new content, we're pretty focused, because we like to work seriously on progression. When we're working on farm content, when we're playing on our alts, chasing after achievement points or doing some BGs, vent and guild chat are usually really lively. For the last 5 years, we have been able to work through new content successfully without unnecessary drama and "nerd raging". Just Crusade is, however, an 18+ guild, and so new applicants should be mature and able to tolerate profanity and the odd off-colour remark.

What we’re looking for from applicants:
Our roster is close-knit, and we recruit people to raid (rather than warm a bench). That said, we expect incredible DPS, TPS and healing output from our members, so if you're interested in pushing yourself and conquering the toughest content in the game, Just Crusade is the guild for you. We are also looking for applicants who are mature (in their 20s-30s) and are able to commit to a steady 4-day raiding schedule.

If you decide to apply, please note that we're looking for people with excellent situational awareness, dedication, and a firm understanding of their chosen class and spec (including relevant theorycrafting). If you do apply, be prepared to answer questions about your chosen spec and gear, and be able to intelligently defend those choices.

If you are interested in finding out more about us, or would like to submit an application please visit our forums: or talk to Kaitri, Perculia or Stephynnie in game.
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