★ (A) 11/12H 7-10pm CST LF Mature Cata raiders★

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★ (A) 11/12H 7-10pm CST LF Mature Cata raiders★

Postby Nashi » Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:04 am

Equitas of Moonrunner is a stable raiding guild that has been around since classic. We have always prided ourselves in being one of the top guilds of Moonrunner and hover around top 300 US on wowprogress throughout the tiers of content. We do PvP customs, arenas etc outside of raids and other activities together.

Aside from working on heroic Halion 25 / HLK25, we are recruiting for cata. We are looking for mature players who can focus on raid encounters that have great raid awareness for our 25 man and 10m raids.

Our raiding schedule: (we only require 25m main raid attendance at this time)

Moonrunner was moved to Chicago, even though its listed as a PST server in certain places.

Monday - Thursday; 7:00p-10:30p CST - Main 25M raids
Friday-Sunday; ALT ICC25, RS10 heroic, HLK10 attempts.

ATM we clear ICC25 11/12H on Tuesdays most weeks, then RS25N on Wednesday along with 10H ICC. Thursday and the weekend has been 10m nights. We have a ALT ICC25 on Fridays, and do heroic RS 10 on the weekend. We are wanting to startup Halion25H 2 days a week and get him down.

Our current needs:

Very High:

1 Main Tank. Paladin highly prefered, however feral/DK may apply as well. Must have near 100% attendance, with a very high degree of raid awareness.

3 Priests. One that prefers Disc, one that prefers Holy, and another with any combination off spec. You must know both DISC and holy, as some encounters can stack both. Our main raiding priests retired for cata. 1 Shadow

1-2 Resto druids mainspec, with a offspec they maintain gear level for.


1 Rogues. Must be familiar with both Combat and MUT

1 Hunter.

1 Mage. Don’t app if your not familiar with fire.

1 Boomkin

1 Resto shaman.

Please visit our new website at: http://equitas-guild.wowstead.com/

You may contact our recruitment officers in game on Rawrzori or Treyden for more information and/or a interview with us on Ventrillo after your appication has been filled out. They are on mostly after 2pm CST. You can mail them with your toon name/server if they are not online.


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