[H] Wrath - Shadowsong EU -- ICC 25 Heroic 12/12 -- Halion25

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[H] Wrath - Shadowsong EU -- ICC 25 Heroic 12/12 -- Halion25

Postby Midoriko » Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:49 pm

Wrath is a Horde PvE raiding guild based on Shadowsong EU, dedicated to high-end raiding and all the jazz that comes with it. We're a jolly bunch of hardcore players who like to spend their time inflicting pain on endgame bosses and making inappropriate jokes on ventrilo.

Our current ranking, as per WoWprogress:

The raid leadership interview over at pwnwear.com giving a bit of an insight into how we do things.

Currently, we are interested in the following:

-1-2 Warlock(s)
-Marksman Hunter
-1-2 Mage(s)
-1 Fury Warrior
-1 Holy Paladin
-1 Tank (Blood DK, Protection Warrior, Protection Paladin, Feral Druid) with dps offspec

*Naturally, exceptional applications from any class will be taken into consideration.*

Raiding schedule:
Our standard raiding schedule is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 19.30 to 00.00 server time (CET). A member is expected to be available for most of those raids. Additionally, we may raid on Wednesdays if the progression calls for that little extra push. Saturdays and Fridays are usually used for 10man's and alt 25man runs/pvp etc.


Ideally, what we're looking for are experienced and dependable players with a high raid attendance and a sociable personality. You are expected to show up for raids on time and prepared, armed with consumables and having read up on new encounters.

Being able to listen to and pay attention to the raid leader and the officers on ventrilo is another requirement. Having a short attention span during long hours of brainstorming and overcoming new encounters does not bode well. That is why you must be able to both speak and understand English language well.

We're a semi-old school raiding guild, formed back in 2006. We've held our ground and claimed most server-firsts during our raiding career. Being a well established and long lasting guild, we've put considerate effort into building and maintaining the social aspect of the game, and we try to maintain a healthy balance of ill-moraled joking and mature behavior in the guild chat and on ventrilo.


Applying and additional info:
If you fit our class/spec profile and think you've got what it takes to join Wrath and enjoy such privileges as collectively laughing at boomkins and patronizing gnomes, or you simply want more info, you can refer to:

Wrath guild website:
Guild forums with recruitment:

*To apply, simply make a post in the applications section of our forums, or send it as a private message to Sparetime or Tarasin if you wish to keep it private.*

Additionally, if you want to ask questions not covered in this thread, you may contact Sparetime or Tarasin on the Wrath forums or simply ask for an officer ingame.
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