[US-EST][H]Epitome - 3 days, 12/12H, Heroic Halion - lf Tank

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[US-EST][H]Epitome - 3 days, 12/12H, Heroic Halion - lf Tank

Postby Talaii » Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:17 am

Topic says it: We're looking for another tank. Website is here, for more info.

Who are We?

We're a fairly relaxed raiding guild on Shandris (US-PvE). Most of our members are professional adults with work and family commitments that do not allow a 5-day-per-week hardcore schedule. Instead, we strive to excel with the more modest three days per week we devote to raiding.

Who are you?

Critical thinking skills and demonstrative abilities in producing working encounter strategies are highly looked upon here. We spend a lot of time on our boards fleshing out encounters before heading into them in order to make use of our precious 12 hour raid schedule. Both of these being said, high forum participation from all members is both expected and encouraged.

All members in are expected to be intelligent, thoughtful, and understanding of our roster's time commitment, and bring a wealth of knowledge and tolerance to our team. Poor attitudes, spiteful comments, and negativity are never welcome.

As a tank, we expect a little more than from a general raider. You'll be expected to be very vocal on vent, and to help our raid leaders keep things moving.

As far as gear and experience goes: I would really like to say "we don't care, as long as you're good". Unfortunately, the content requires a certain level of gear, so it's not really doable to trial someone who hasn't managed to acquire at least most of the frost badge/crafted 264 gear. Having said that, we're more interested in player skill and social compatibility than existing gear - just don't expect to see heroic Halion or LK till you are up to spec.

Raiding Stuff

We use EPGP for loot. It's a fairly simple system, and allows the loot process to be both transparent and streamlined.

We raid three days a week (all times in EST):
Tuesday 8-12PM
Wednesday 8-12PM
Thursdays 8-12PM

In addition, 10-mans are often run on off-nights, generally Sunday and/or Monday evenings.

As far as progression goes, currently at:
Heroic Halion: Down (10- and 25-man)
ICC 25-man: 12/12 Heroic down. LK heroic now dead.
ICC 10-man: 12/12 Heroic modes clear.
ToGC: Cleared, Insanity-25 achieved (Server first). Dedicated insanity completed in 10-man.
Ulduar: Cleared, including Zero-light (again, server first). We've also got most of our interested people Herald of the Titans.
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Re: [US-EST][H]Epitome - 3 days, 12/12H, Heroic Halion - lf Tank

Postby Talaii » Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:01 am

Bump for Heroic Lich King dead.
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