[EU] Tank LF guild

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[EU] Tank LF guild

Postby Worldie » Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:33 am

Hello, my name is Claudio and I'm writing this since i'm looking for a guild for my Paladin.
As of July 20, my previous guild Epiphany officially stopped raiding, after losing too many core members due to the progress on Lich King 25 heroic being lacking, with our best attempt being a 27% the day before. Due to holidays and lack of proper connection i've been slacking on finding a guild. But since the end of my holidays is coming to end in few days, i've been looking around a bit. Specifically, i'm looking for a guild that has already cleared or almost cleared the game. Sorry, 4 month of wipes on LK are enough, don't want to do all the progress again.

Character info:
As you may notice, i'm specced Protection and Holy, and i'm applying as both.
Bare in mind, my experience is mainly as tank, i've played as healer in challenging encounters very few times so i know how it works (111111111 ; > ), but i'm not as good and experienced as i am at tanking.

My tanking gear is basically full BiS except for a couple pieces, with some backups for armor / block sets in my bank. My main gearing direction is effective health (EH) - aka spam Stamina and Armor everywhere - since that's really the only way to go with WotLK boss systems. When bosses are tuned to hit you for > 50% of your HP per hit, you really cannot afford gearing for anything else. Because you must make sure that the second hit, if unavoided, will let you live even if you were not topped off by the heals. (unlikely, but can happen)
Surely Ardent Defender acts as backup but well, i'd rather save my CD for an actual dangerous moment rather than seeing it proc every 2 minutes.
My tanking spec is a standard self-sufficient tank spec, including Vindication and Judgement of the Just for debuffing, and Pursuit of Justice for the extra run speed. The only choice that may seemb odd is taking 2/2 Improved Hammer of Justice rather than fulling Improved Devotion Aura: i had specced that way because i had stunning job on Lich King, thus both me and the Holy paladins took Improved HoJ to have it always ready on Valkyrs waves.

I got a few BiS healing items, mixed with the best items i could get my hands on. Here some stats: 38k mana, 3k spellpower and 450ish haste unbuffed. I know my haste is a bit low but i haven't managed to find better pieces yet, and mail items were in last guild obviously prioritized for Shamans. The enchant on weapon is spell damage because i couldn't really find anyone with Intellect enchant for it. As you can see the remaining pieces of gear are all gemmed for Intellect since that's the way to go for Holy Light spamming, due to the spec triple-dipping into it (more spelldamage, more mana and more regen via replenishment/divine plea), and enchants follow the same pattern where possible, spelldamage where not. The spec is again a standard raiding spec, i chose to put filler points in Improved Lay on Hands and Blessed Hands, since LoH can act as a sort of cooldown in some situations, as well as improved Hand of Sacrifice; I didn't consider Improved Devotion Aura since about every raid has at least one between Protection Paladin and Resto Druid.

I have capped both my professions. I've had them for whole TBC, except while doing Brutallus, at that time i had Leatherworking for the ubah drums. I have no plans to change them cause the bonuses they give are actually nice. 885 armor is quite nicer than an additional 15 stamina and Rocket Boots help me with avoiding run failures, take Defiles for example.

Raid experience:
I have experienced about everything in this game, but in different moments and on different characters. I will write my "story".
I started playing in… i think it was during patch 1.5 Vanilla, and my character was a Holy priest (currently Shadow and 80). I managed to get in a good guild somehow (Reclaimed back on Laughing Skulls), with them i had the chance to experience everything up to first 5 bosses in Naxxramas 40.
Then TBC came nobody could be arsed to raid anymore, so i rerolled protection warrior for TBC in a guild with other Italian friends (I'm Italian, did i mention it?). TBC started, but my guild didn't get much further than killing Gruul. At that point, i had rolled my Belfadin and got it to 70. Originally I specced it into Holy, and later went Protection since apparently heroic groups always had healers and never had tanks.
It was by mere luck that I once ran into a group from the guild that back then was one of the top guild of the server (Guardians Clan on Boulderfist). They were so impressed by seeing a competent Paladin tank, that they invited me to their guild. This was the start of my career as Protection Paladin. If at that time, someone would have told me of what would have happened later, i think I'd have laughed hard at them. So yes, 4 months later, i was the first Blood Elf Paladin to progression tank Illidan Stormrage. Later I became the guild Main Tank, and was allowed to achieve a couple more world first, as being one of the highest (if not the highest) TPS on Brutallus (2100+). Furthermore I have solotanked Felmyst. M’uru has been quite a challenge, but I tanked both Sentinels and Entropius in the encounter, which brought us to victory. Sadly WotLK hit the guild, and we stopped raiding there, only to manage to get back with new recruits and finally killing Kil Jaeden in the last week of TBC.

I've been with the same guild for the first months of WotLK, and i've also been the first (if not only) Paladin to actually tank Sartharion in Sarth 3d 25. That's however where my legacy with them ended, since one day i went emo and left them (eh well, everyone as their bad days). After that, i've been guildhopping for a bit… been in a semihardcore guild called Saevus as Shadow Priest (after bringing it from 70 to 80 in 3 days) for the start of Ulduar. Later in a casual guild with my Paladin to get rid of some stress, then in another semihardcore guild named Fleetwood with which we achieved server first on Anub hc 25 and later LK 25, then the guild decided to downgrade me to social and then i got taken in Epiphany. Yea, WotLK hasn't been nice on me. However, i still progression tanked every single encounter in this game (including whole TBC, and LK 10/25 HC).
I am still missing Lich King 25 Heroic and Halion Heroic, which i'd love to get done before Cataclysm hits. Also it would be nice to do the last achievements of Glory of ICC Raider 25, but i sort of gave up on that.

Personal information:
Let’s introduce myself some more, as i said above my name is Claudio. I'm Italian, and I'm 23 years old. I'm currently unemployed and not studying since i'm following some medical therapy. Since i got nothing to do, i spend a lot of my day playing WoW and Starcraft II. In WoW you can notice this by my total of 9 level 80s, with a 76 Warlock soon getting there, so i got some knowledge and competence in all classes and roles. I've actually always considered that as a good thing, because then i know what people could be useful to my tanking job in one way or another. At the moment my only sub 70 character is a Mage, which i'll likely end up leveling in Cataclysm.
Personally I’m a very social person, i try to connect with the people i play with. Some of my best friends are ex-guildies of mine. I'm also a very active forum troll, i tend to spam our Realm Forum and the Tanking Forum on the official boards. Furthermore I trolling Tankspot and Maintankadin whenever i got time. I'm actually moderator of Maintankadin and a quite well known person on the internets! I'd be happy to spam a different realm and guild forum if you would accept me.

My WoW ambitions:
Finally I have dedicated to dedicate this last paragraph to write what you can expect from me and what i do expect from you. I'm a professional player, i'm one of those who will read everything they can find about a boss. Even from the PTR, fuck spoilers. I will generally know what's the best spec for my class and the best rotation/skills/gear to use.

I always do my very best to improve my complete understanding off all classes. To improve the performance when playing my alts, but mostly for a better raidgroup understanding. I'm still very proud of my 16k DPS on Rotface while playing my Hunter, since that's the only DPS class i apparently manage to play well.

While raiding I always check my surrounding to perfect raid strategies or positions. From personal experience I know it is best to not point fingers but to openly discuss improvements after the raid, or eventually just tell an officer my thoughts and let them handle possible suggestions at the right moment.

Now what I do expect from you. First, as i said above, i'm looking for a endgame guild: that means, a 11/12 or 12/12 ICC 25 hc guild. I've already done enough months of wipes to start all over again, so only reply if your guild belongs to this category. RS hc cleared is a plus but I don't mind having that still under work.
Also I'm not really willing to be accepted just to be benched all time. I'm going to accept any of those three roles:
1) First tank. Always the first choice for everything hard, almost never benched and always up to take the hardest job.
2) Second tank. Working together with the first tank, ready to switch jobs if required. Up to take the slacking job or eventually go offspec if it's a 1 tank fight.
3) Third tank with Healer main spec. Meaning I would play as Holy, and spec tank in eventual fights that need a 3rd tank. Or when one of the other two tanks can't make it.
Yea the 1) looks a bit arrogant, but that's how i was recruited in my last two guilds so, better putting it in.

I think I have shared everything that you should know about me and my character. Looking forward to hear an answer… either as mail, or via MSN, or via Real ID in game. All of those are on the same mail world_™ at hotmail.com. If you look for me with real ID please write in the comment who you are.

p.s. Ah, one last thing… I'm currently writing this from our holidaycottage. I will be fully back to raiding from the 23rd. However, i'd transfer my characters as soon as you accept me if you eventually do, so i get a chance to know a bit the people and the battlegroup… yea i would really love to win a battleground for once, haven't won one for the last year. Also, i'm fine going both Horde or Alliance, though i'd obviously prefer Alliance since that would save quite a lot of money (plus, Alliance has better boobs)
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Re: [EU] Tank LF guild

Postby Jonlo » Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:47 pm

I'd try and snag you up if you weren't EU. 12/12 HM guild =/
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Re: [EU] Tank LF guild

Postby cds4850 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:46 am

Jonlo wrote:I'd try and snag you up if you weren't EU. 12/12 HM guild =/
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Re: [EU] Tank LF guild

Postby knaughty » Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:16 pm

Jonlo wrote:I'd try and snag you up if you weren't EU. 12/12 HM guild =/
This isn't the "Offtankadin" forum. My MoP FAQ: http://tinyurl.com/FAQ-5-0
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Re: [EU] Tank LF guild

Postby Darus » Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:04 am

Hey worldie. Im looking for another maintank to pair with myself since my current partner wishes to go kitty. Were Ad Infinitum on Neptulon EU, currently 12/12 25hc.
If your interested to chat then contact me on Darus/Aessina ingame or throw a pm on adinfinitum.eu

Best of luck whatever you do
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