[H] <Infidels> : DoomhammerEU - 6/12 ICC25 HC, 9/12 ICC10 HC

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[H] <Infidels> : DoomhammerEU - 6/12 ICC25 HC, 9/12 ICC10 HC

Postby badgermonkey » Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:10 am

Hi there! Infidels are a Horde guild on Doomhammer EU - PvE server.

About Infidels:

Infidels is a semi-casual 25 man raiding guild. Serious when it comes to raiding, as we strive to achieve strong progress during our raid days, but "casual" in the number of days a week. We just make sure when we do raid, it counts!

We have been around since December 2007, and we have many members with experience that dates to pre TBC days. We cleared everything up to and including Sunwell before the WotLK launch. We also cleared all pre Ulduar content including Sarth + 3D, and we killed 13/14 bosses in Ulduar 25, and 4/5 bosses in TotGC 25.
Currently we're working on clearing ICC HC, with 6 out of 12 bosses down. (Including 2 end wing bosses)

We are proud to offer our members a friendly guild with people who like to have fun together, in raids and outside of them.

Our raiding schedule:

Monday 19:30-23:30
Tuesday 19:30-23:30
Thursday 19:30-23:30

Invites start at 19:00 (server time)
The rest of the days are offdays, where there are regular 10mans, while some people prefer to just take a break on the days off.

Our current recruitment status:

We are currently recruiting all specs and classes

Of course outstanding applications will always be considered regardless of our recruitment status.

Applying to Infidels:

To apply, please visit our guild website at: http://www.infidels-guild.com/
You need to be at least 18 years old, and be able to raid a minimum of 2 days a week. You also need to be level 80 with excellent understanding of your class, good raiding experience and appropriate gear.

Thanks for reading our recruitment thread
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