[A - Farstriders US/PVE RP] <Myth Guard> Looking for Folks!

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[A - Farstriders US/PVE RP] <Myth Guard> Looking for Folks!

Postby Arugadh » Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:57 pm

Awesome Cookies! Pie! A hottub! GREAT dental plan AND a 401k backed by Gnomeregan Bank & Trust!

Er...*ahem* *shoves hired Gnome Spokesperson out of way*

With summer bearing down and the Pre-Xpac Blues hitting and folks' lives interfering, Myth Guard on Farstriders is currently seeking great people to join our guild.

Us: a comfy, established Alliance guild into raiding progression, off-the-cuff casual RP (NO eRP), all content (Old World, BC & Wrath) and having fun. Our motto: "Guild, Group, Self" -- Guild comes first, THEN the Group, then the self. Our mix leans decidedly towards casual, though we have our hardcore moments.

You: want to raid, don't mind "learning experiences", have no problem with RPers taking over Guild Chat with insane chatter about the Green Stinky Melty Things out back, and see WoW as an experience to share with friends, not to be beat like some Nintendo game. RP is NOT necessary; all we ask is that you be respectful towards those who do.

Details: Farstriders is a US RP-PVE server; guild mostly EST. We raid once or twice a week, in the evenings (7pm server), though that's currently in flux. RP event nights are every other week; casual spontaneous RP happens all the time. Any class, any role, any spec, any level is fine; we want folks we can be friends with & have fun with!

Interested? Check out our website at http://www.mythguard.wowstead.com/ for more info and to apply!
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Re: [A - Farstriders US/PVE RP] <Myth Guard> Looking for Folks!

Postby bldavis » Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:26 pm

im sorry i jus had to post and say i LOVE your signiture!

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