Ars Praelium 9/12 HM 25m ICC EST Firetree

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Ars Praelium 9/12 HM 25m ICC EST Firetree

Postby Papoof » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:15 am

Ars Praelium is a semi-hardcore Alliance raiding guild that has been together since vanilla wow. We are currently the oldest raiding guild on Firetree US PVP server (EST), where we have been since its creation. If you are looking for stability, you will certainly find it here. We are currently recruiting exceptional players to help us solidify our roster for our push to Lich King Hard Mode, Ruby Sanctum and onto Cataclysm.

Our website:

The classes that are currently in high demand:
1 Warlock -- Affliction main spec / Destro /w shadowfury offspec
1 Mage -- Arcane or Fire
1 Shaman -- Resto main spec / Ele preferred offspec
1 Druid -- Boomkin main spec / Resto offspec
1 Hunter
2 Paladin
1 -- Ret /w Prot offspec
1 -- Holy /w either offspec

***Accepting All Stellar Applicants Even If Your Class Is Closed***

Our Raid Times (All Times are EST):
Monday 8pm - 12am (25m HM)
Tuesday 8pm - 12am (25m HM)
Wednesday 8pm - 12am (25m HM)
Thursday 8pm - 12am (10m HM)

*Times and schedule are subject to change*

WoW Progress: ... s+Praelium

Guild Ox: ... iretree-US

The Icecrown Citadel Progression (25 man):
Lich King Normal dead.
9/12 Hard Modes.

The Icecrown Citadel Progression (10 man):
10/12 Hard Modes.

Trial of the Grand Crusader Progression (25 man):
5/5 ToGC - A Tribute to Insanity (50 attempts remaining).

Ulduar (25 man):
Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement completed.
Algalon killed.

6/6 Sunwell Plateau.
Pre Wrath

Your first impression will be made with the app itself so be creative, show us what you're made of and put in as much effort into your app as you would in any raid you would expect to attend. We're always accepting exceptional applicants even if your class may be closed. For additional information and to see more about the guild, please visit

If you have any further questions, please feel free to whisper:

Recruitment - Jeowafi, Yeotaryn
Officers - Jeowafi, Yeotaryn, Imi, Browski, Salaminizerr, or Villi
Guild Master - Yeotaryn
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