Heroic 25 ICC Pally Tank LFG

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Heroic 25 ICC Pally Tank LFG

Postby Oldpappa » Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:39 pm


Here is a link to my armory http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... cn=Sterlin

I've tanked Heroic ICC 25 man up to Sindragosa (currently working on him) and 10 man up to Heroic LK

I can generally raid M-Th till Midnight EST with an absence here and there for job / travel related stuff

Vent, well prepared, all that good stuff...

Some core raiders just quit wow - so I'm looking for a new home

I also have 264/277 gear for both Ret and Holy
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Re: Heroic 25 ICC Pally Tank LFG

Postby Brunnor » Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:14 am

Hi there!

I'm not much of a fan of making these posts. I'd prefer to just come find ya on server which I will do once they are up, so I'll make this quick.

The Afflicted of Greymane is about what you are looking for, I hope. Our current prot pally had some comp issues and can't come back etc etc, you know the story, so we need a good replacement for him since we are stuck with using 2 prot warriors right now which is quite fun... oh wait. Anyway, we are right on part with your progress, we had a 300k wipe on Sindra HM on 25s last week and are on LK in 10s, though not much progress yet on him. Raids are 7-11 CST Sun-Thurs. We can work around a bit if Sunday's are a big issues, even more possible with the upcoming Cata raiding changes.

Either way, that's as brief as I think I can make it. Once servers are up I'll come look for you. If you want to run me down you are more than welcome on Greymane. Telepathy is main and Abriol is alt. If I'm not around Naidarim or Kilda would be fine to talk with as well.
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