[H] <Hive> Shadowsong EU - LF Retribution Paladin

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[H] <Hive> Shadowsong EU - LF Retribution Paladin

Postby Jorblax » Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:11 pm

[H] <Hive> Shadowsong EU - http://www.hive.fm
Current Progression: 11/12 ICC25, 8/12 ICC10Hc


Hive was founded on the 15th Feb 2005 and is one of the oldest, most recognized guilds on Shadowsong EU. Hive has established itself as one of the top guilds on the realm and our goals are to experience as much of the end-game content as is possibly attainable, while still successfully managing real-life responsibilities.

We have over 100+ active members from all walks of life, which make us a diverse wonderful culture all on our own. Hive is always trying to achieve the perfect balance between raid progression and socializing and have been around for over 5 years doing exactly that.

Hive runs 2 different 25 man groups, one for primary progression and one for a little more relaxed approach to raiding, but both striving to achieve the best they can do, in the limited amount we raid, which is Wed/Thur/Sun (20:30 - 00:00) and Thur/Sun/Mon (20:30 - 00:00) respectively. Hive also runs numerous 10man raids on "off nights" for those keen to raid more. We are quite proud of the progress achieved. In anycase for both groups we expect that people play their best, and gear up the best they can.

There is some intermingling on the teams and some slow rotation, with the main goals of preventing raid burnouts. We also don’t keep official attendance records, but we do expect people to be committed.

We firmly believe RL > WoW and we recruit the player not the pixels.

Current Recruiting Status
Hive is currently recruiting to fill various spots and to reform one of our 25man raiding groups. Our requirements are as follows:
* 1 Retribution Paladin
* 1 Mage
* 1 Enhancement Shaman
** Hive will always consider exceptional applications

Prerequisites for Applying
* Be 18+ of age.
* Have exalted status with all major factions that provide appropriate head and shoulder enchants.
* Have a minimum of 2 pieces of T10.
* Have adequate knowledge of all ICC boss strats and abilities.
* Be able to understand and communicate in English.
* Dual Spec is not required, but favourable.

Faction Change players are welcome to apply and Hive will always consider exceptional applications, regardless of recruitment status.
If you think you've got what it takes to be a part of Hive apply at, http://www.hive.fm/forum/viewforum.php?f=19 or contact Talsin or Jorblax with any queries.
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