[H] Skeleton Crew - Uldum LFM 3/12 Heroic ICC (9pm-1am PST)

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[H] Skeleton Crew - Uldum LFM 3/12 Heroic ICC (9pm-1am PST)

Postby Dicedagon » Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:53 am

Skeleton Crew

25-man Progression

ICC: 3/12 Heroic
ToC: 5/5
ToGC: 4/5
Ulduar:14/14; 12/13 HGoTUR progress; 8/9 HM, Algalon Dead

10-man progression

ICC: 4/12 Heroic (2+ groups week)
ToGC: Tribute to Insanity
Ulduar: Glory of the Ulduar Raider complete
Algalon Dead


1 Holy Paladin (prot offspec a plus)
1 Balance and/or Resto Druid
1 Enhancement Shaman
1 Feral Druid w/ tank experience

We are always on the look out for exceptional players of any class. If your class isn't listed above please contact us on Uldum to discuss applying.

Who is Skeleton Crew?
We are a friendly, mature guild (with people of all ages but tending to be working married adults). Skeleton Crew was formally created in December of 2006 on the Uldum realm. It began as a small start-up guild and bloomed into a 25-man raiding team. We cleared all content in TBC up-to M'uru pre-nerf, and then finished of M'uru and KJ. In WoTLK, we have consistently cleared all raids and completed nearly all Heroic and hard modes. We are looking for individuals who are on par with our level. If you think you have what it takes after reading our recruitment post below please post an application or contact us on Uldum. We have very convenient raid times for late-night players.

Guild Layout:
Skeleton Crew is a raiding guild first and foremost. While we're not hardcore we do expect to make reasonable progress in the raid content Blizzard has made available and we fully intend to defeat all hard-mode encounters and achievements. In order to accomplish this we have to make utmost use of the time available to us. We only raid 4 nights a week, and it will be unacceptable for even one of those nights to be a waste. In addition, our core raid team has approximately 30 players of a total of roughly 40 active players. Therefore we have certain expectations of guild members and players that want to become one. For applicants those are:

- You are level 80.
- You have extensive raiding experience.
- You come prepared to each raid with the consumables you need for your class for the entire raid's duration.
- You can make all 4 raids a week from start to finish.
- You must have the ability to log onto Ventrilo. Please have a mic.
- You are exalted with Sons of Hordir or you are a max-level scribe.
- You have proven experience completing hard-mode achievements.

Our raids are (all times are PST/PDT):
Tue: 9pm until 1am
Wed: 9pm until 1am
Thu: 9pm until 1am
Sun: 9pm until 1am

(i.e. Raids end at 4am if you live on the East Coast.)

We understand that real life can make your attendance fluctuate, but on average, you must be able to make a meaningful contribution, including a 75% or higher attendance.

What does Skeleton Crew give you in return?
A guild that allows people with real life responsibilities that need a later raid start time to still see all the content that Blizzard has made available while it's still relevant. We try very hard to make sure that everyone is included as well. To make this policy work every single member must be flexible when it comes to raid spots. Other than our main tank nobody is guaranteed a 100% raid spot. We distribute gear based on the EPGP priority system.

If this is what you are looking for in a raid guild then please fill out the application on our web site (see the url at the bottom of this post). Your application will then be forwarded to our internal forums for review. We typically like to respond to applicants as soon as possible; if no one has contacted you within 24 hours of applying please contact us.

If you would like to make a private application you may register under a name other than your toon's name and send a PM to Feelnopain, Dicedagon, Zecx, or Zibary with your application. Again, Skeleton Crew's goal is to field a balanced and flexible raid force. To achieve this we don't want to pigeonhole ourselves by looking just for any particular class as if you have gear and experience commensurate with our current progression we'll probably be able to find a spot for you.

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Re: [H] Skeleton Crew - Uldum LFM 3/12 Heroic ICC (9pm-1am PST)

Postby Dicedagon » Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:10 am

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