[H]PVE 7-10pm MST W/F ICC25 needs Holy'din!!

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[H]PVE 7-10pm MST W/F ICC25 needs Holy'din!!

Postby Malthrax » Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:38 pm

We're in need of a Holy Paladin that is ready to raid ICC25 on Wednesday & Friday, 7pm to 10pm Mountain Standard Time, to replace a core player lost due to RL issues.

Standard recruitment spam:

Mystery Men (Perenolde) is a driven and mature guild, with many veteran raiders who have been raiding since the launch of WoW. We are serious about our raiding, but also very aware that people have a real life to live. We have a no drama policy, and a big ego is best when it is used constructively to help others rather then flaunted to annoy others.

We are currently raiding ICC-25 and have lost a few key players due to RL issues.

Shadow Priest
Holy Paladin

All ranged DPS must be appropriately geared for end-of-expansion end-game raiding and capable of sustained 6k DPS or more in a 25-man raid setting. All hybrids are highly encouraged to maintain an up-to-date offspec talent & gear set as you will be called upon to switch specs as needed.

Other classes/specs are currently full, however we're willing to entertain exceptional players who want to raid.

(All times Mountain Standard Time)
Wed/Friday: 25-man ICC 7-10 pm server
Tues: 10-man ICC (RG1) 7-10 pm server
Thurs: 10-man ICC (RG2) 7-10 pm server
Saturday/Sunday/Monday: Open

What we Expect:
1. An adept mind and team player attitude to work together to form a new strategy to overcome a boss. We expect and utilize member feedback.
2. Maintain a monthly attendance record of at least 80% and if for some crazy reason you can’t, let us know… don’t just MIA on us.
3. The desire to always look for ways to improve your game play, add-ons, gear, and the success of the guild as a whole.
4. Respect for fellow guild mates. NO exceptions.
5. Stable internet connection.
6. Most importantly, show up to raid with a positive attitude.

Mystery Men provides flasks, buff food, gems and enchant materials and armor repair funds for our raiding people. As a team we keep the guild bank supplied so that when it's raid time we're all ready to go. We hold weekly auctions for primordial saronite for craftable items. We are a raiding only guild, and only accept less than level 80 characters if they are a raiding member's alt.

If you are looking to raid with a guild that is serious without being too hardcore (ie; yelling raid leaders), progressive without being egotistical, and has fun raiding while applying teamwork and seriousness when it’s necessary... then you have found your new home in Mystery Men.

Visit http://mmraid.com to review more about our policies, our list of achievements and hard modes ... or drop an application. If you want to talk further, you may contact an officer in game such as Nanaja/Nehala, Sindarra/Qarizma, Souldoubt/Wriegga, Nymunaa/Astelas, Ransou/Hemon on Perenolde server.
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