[Azgalor]<Righteous Dawn>5/5 HToGC, LF Rogue,Mage,Ele,Others

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[Azgalor]<Righteous Dawn>5/5 HToGC, LF Rogue,Mage,Ele,Others

Postby Valoel » Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:12 am

[A-PVP-CST-Azgalor] <Righteous Dawn> 5/5 HToGC, LF Rogue, Mage, Ele, and Others

Current Needs:

* Rogue
* Mage
* Boomkin
* Elemental Shaman

we also have a lesser need for...

* Resto Shaman
* Holy Paladin
* Hunter


* Tuesday 19:00 CST - 23:00 CST
* Thursday 19:00 CST - 23:00 CST
* Sunday 19:00 CST - 23:00 CST
* Monday 19:00 CST - 23:00 CST

About Us:
Righteous Dawn is an serious alliance raiding guild that has been around on Azgalor since the beginning of time. We have a core of skilled and serious raiders focused on progression through current content that at the same time maintain a friendly atmosphere.

We have completed all of Heroic ToGC and all of the Ulduar hard modes with the exception of 0 lights.
http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/azg ... teous+Dawn


* Able to start raiding immediately after joining.
* Have Ventrilo, a working mic, and be willing to communicate in English in vent.
* The experience and gear suitable to do Heroic ToGC and any other WotLK content.
* Ability to attend all raid days on a regular basis.
* Mods such as DBM, Omen, Grid, and any necessary mods for specific classes/roles, not having these are not an excuse for poor performance.
* A good attitude towards raiding and other players and a level of maturity. Raiders are expected to be attentive and focused throughout a raid. You should be able to handle suggestions and criticism about mistakes. If you are easily offended or have little sense of humor, you should apply else where.

If you are interested, please visit our recruitment thread on our forums http://www.righteousdawn.com/forums/index.php and apply. If you have questions about our guild, applying, or would like more details, please contact...

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in game, thanks!
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