[Horde][CST] Spirestone: <Casual> LF Raiders of all classes

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[Horde][CST] Spirestone: <Casual> LF Raiders of all classes

Postby Vioarr » Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:40 am

Server: Spirestone
Raiding times: Tues/Thursday/Sun 6 ST - 9 ST


<Casual> a guild on Spirestone PVP is looking to fill out it's ranks some. We're a guild that focuses on raiding mainly. We're a sociable but admittedly smaller guild, because we believe in quality over quantity. As such, we run 10m raids comfortably and are working on hardmode content in TOC. In Ulduar, we had a majority of all HM content cleared with the exception of a few fights. We're looking to boost our numbers in anticipation for the raid on Icecrown Citadel.

What is it we're looking for in a raider? First and foremost, someone who doesn't stand in fire. We're looking for people who understand boss mechanics, can learn and adapt quickly, all the while performing their class role in a competent manner. We're not expecting all applicants to have 25m HM gear at the time of their application, but we do expect applications to have the proper spec/gear applicable to current content. (For the record, 2pc t8.5 and regular TOC gear is not applicable to current content).

We have an element of pvp in the guild, with some people spending more time than others in Arena and Battlegrounds. However, we are looking for people currently who are interested in raiding and who are interested in PVE content.

The application process is as follows:

You apply at: http://casualwowguild.com/wordpress/?page_id=7

Officers and then veteran members of the guild will review your application. Just a word of advice; if you don't put forth the effort in the application, we're going to give the same effort in reading it. Yes, this is somewhat like a job interview and we do get a decent amount of applications. So say something that is going to differentiate yourself from the pack, something that "humanizes" you a bit.

After the app is reviewed and accepted, you will be accepted as a trial raider. You will be expected to make all raids during said period and depending on performance you will be bumped up to the ranks of a full member.

If you're looking for a guild where you can rely on competent and mature raiders, then <Casual> is the place for you. Cross-server applications are welcomed, but understand that if you apply and are accepted we expect a transfer immediately and there are no guarantees that you are given a permanant spot in the guild.

Application form: http://casualwowguild.com/wordpress/?page_id=7

Main Site: http://casualwowguild.com/wordpress/


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Re: [Horde][CST] Spirestone: <Casual> LF Raiders of all classes

Postby Joanadark » Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:56 am

shout out for Spirestone, my first server on my paladin!
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