Laughing Skull-US-Recruiting Raid Times 6 Server -11 Server

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Laughing Skull-US-Recruiting Raid Times 6 Server -11 Server

Postby kitiarah » Sun Oct 18, 2009 6:18 am

Pinnacle is now recruiting good dependable raiders of all classes. In particular a solid OT and the following:

Ret Paladins- Open
Disc Priest- Open
Balance Druids- Open
Ele Shamans- Open
Mages- Open
Warlocks- Open
Rogues- Open
Hunters- Open
Fury Warrior- Open
Non-Tank DK's- Open

Server:US Laughing Skull
Raid Times:6/6:30 Server (which is Central time) to 11 server
Days we Raid: Sunday - Thursday
Contact If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me here, at or at, Thanks! Kit

What type of Guild is <Pinnacle>?

Pinnacle is first and foremost a raiding guild. We are not the top hardcore however we don't slack either. We push progression and have expectations of all raiders. We conduct a mature raiding environment. Outside of raids we run heroics, farm together and work together to take care of our own. We have a vigorous raiding schedule as well as off night activities for interested members. However, the players we are most interested in finding and bringing into our team would be dedicated raiders who understand the grounds of raiding, are responsible and are willing to show dedication and commitment to Pinnacle.

What types of Raids are ran on a regular basis in <Pinnacle>?

Pinnacle has, as mentioned before, a very active raiding schedule. We run our raids Sunday - Thursday from 6PM Server till 11PM Server. We focus on all 10 and 25 man content. Anything that doesn't fit in our normal raiding schedule we usually try to get off nights together to complete as a guild. However, off night attendance is not required. As far raiding goes, we're active and we're staying that way.

What expectations does <Pinnacle> have to its Raiders?

If you are here to raid then you are expected to show it and show you want it. So what does this mean? Well, here are the raiding requirements to date (modifications change with content).

1. Ventrilo is required for all raids.
2. All available self buffs (food, pots, flasks etc...) as well as reagents will be ready for use in any and all raids.
3. Be on time and be prepared. Read up on boss fights you don't know, be ready for your invite and be ready to not give excuses.
4. A mature raiding attitude, an ability to withstand and push on through wipe nights and not flipping out when shit doesn't go your way.
5. Common Sense.
6. Dedication.
7. Pride in Pinnacle and respect towards your guild mates at ALL times.
8. Progression.
9. Download and use of any raiding mods required for raids. No Excuses.

How is loot handled in <Pinnacle>?

After personally seeing a lot of different loot systems in use over my years as a WoW raider and a lot of time and thought. The final decision was to place trust in the leaders (Guild Master and Officers). They are the backbone of the guild equal only by the core raiders. In short, we have a Officer Loot Distribution System. Items are reviewed and a vote is sent out. If the vote cannot be established we then move the players NEEDING the loot over to /rolls and let Blizzard decide. We keep fairness in mind at all time. Dedicated raiders are our gearing priority with casual raiders also having a chance to get a piece of loot in a run. However, no one is ever promised anything before a drop or before a raid. More time put in will earn you greater rewards. Less time and you get paid a little less. Just like the real world.

Why was <Pinnacle> created?
After being in multiple guilds and personally seeing the level of corruption that can come into a guild if left unchecked. After long talks with dedicated raiders I was in guild with and raiding with anytime that were getting screwed over on a constant basis. After being a raid leader, working every night with a core group and then watching an officer come in one night a week and take what he wanted on the sole basis of being an officer, getting it over everyone else that had their time put in. After these before mentioned reasons and many more revolving on guilds exploiting its members for self-benefits and a lot of time thinking. I made the decision to create a guild that revolved around raiding, fairness, progression, fun and maturity. Give a place where people actually have a chance to make a name for themselves. Give players a place to feel wanted and appreciated yet understanding the responsibilities of raiding in a guild that wants to down endgame content. I made the decision to create <Pinnacle>. Since that day me as well as the other core creators of Pinnacle as well as its current members have built us a drama free guild that appreciates its dedicated raiders and gives a few select casual gamers to have a chance to share in some of those raids. We work as a team even if we don't always like each other. We offer a place for you to raid while attempting to give you a chance to show everyone here why you belong here with us.

These are the main questions. If you have any others please feel free to message me or another Officer in game and we will gladly answer accordingly. I hope this has given you a general idea to that one question in mind if you're an applicant. "Is this the guild for me?". If after reading through this you feel it is then please feel free to let us know who you are and fill out an application. We will respond as soon as reasonably possible. Remember, if you are an applicant, we took the time to lay this all out for you, all we ask back is to take the time on your application. Any applications that are done half-ass or sloppy gives us a pretty good idea of how you are in raids. Remember that and good luck!
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