[H US-Blackhand] <Namaste> recruiting for heroic 25s

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[H US-Blackhand] <Namaste> recruiting for heroic 25s

Postby Mughal » Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:24 am

H US-Blackhand PvE
Raid Thu and Tue 8-12 EST as a minimum
Recruiting all classes except DK DPS main spec
Loot council based

<Namaste> is a group of dedicated raiders.

Our core raiders killed Yogg 10 on April 14th (one of the first world kills) Yogg 25 on May 5th and before taking a break from raiding we reached 6/9 Ulduar hard modes in June (and moved to Blackhand reforming under the Namaste banner). Some of us have raiding experience that stretches back to SWP (Muru pre-nerf kill) and various server firsts in vanilla WoW. Others excel in arena season after season. We were raiding in EQ and roleplaying in MUDs. You get the picture. We're pretty passionate about gaming. We strive for excellence and aim to be in the top 5% of raiding guilds.

We are currently recruiting for 10 and 25 man instances. Raiding days for 25s are Tue and Thu 7-11 server time. In the first few weeks of 3.3 we will increase our play time quite dramatically.

We are looking for people who share the same level of dedication as much as we do and that are bloody good as well at it. If your guild is dragging you down, if you're still "working on Yogg" after 6 months and still have not got your iron drake, if you cannot dedicate 5 nights a week to raiding, if your officers are a bunch of loot #*!@!s who reserve spots for their girlfriends or simply you're not given the chance to raid then we'd like to hear from you.

Being in a world top 500 guild is pointless when you do not have a raiding spot and you're second on waiting list for your class.

We are recruiting all classes (except DK DPS main spec).

- the guild will participate in all PTR testing, you are supposed to be there as well
- min-maxing your toon is a must as well as correct itemisation (chants, gems and inscriptions)
- WWS/WOL for all classes are very important especially for DPS
- if you are hybrid class (and we <3 hybrids) we expect you to be flexible, geared and accommodate the needs of a particular fight, although you will be recruited for a main spec and we won't force you if accepted

Raid spots and loot awards are based on performance. Vanity items are /roll and available for everyone who was in for the kill (no we don't give the rare mount to the chick who is an officer like some other guilds do - sorry).

We are also looking for people who can bring skills beyond the game. CSS, graphics, fraps, log analysis and being able to write strategy guides are all things we look forward in our prospective members.

For more information visit http://www.namaste.vg
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