[A][US] Spinebreaker (PVP) - Remnant needs a paladin!

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[A][US] Spinebreaker (PVP) - Remnant needs a paladin!

Postby Zothor » Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:25 pm

Dear Fellow Maintankaderrrrs (a word that I have just made up):

It may seem odd that I, as the Tanking Officer of Remnant of Spinebreaker-US, come here, to Maintankadin, not specifically seeking a tank. I come here because I know it is a community of educated paladins committed to being the best at what they do.

The lowdown:

Server: Spinebreaker US, Alliance, PVP. Killing bitches is very much Remnant's style... we have a nasty habit of stirring things up at the summoning stone, even though alliance is significantly outnumber on our server. We don't care. People die.
Server Time: Pacific. (PST)
Raid Schedule: Remnant currently raids Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 6:30 server to 10:30 server. We have, previously, raided on Sunday, and further previously on Thursday, but due to waning sunday attendance we cut it out to emphasize the first raid days of the week. We intend for this to be temporary. Anyone considering joining Remnant should expect to be available for Sunday raids, also 6:30 to 10:30.

Remnant currently only has one reliable paladin - me. We have a reasonably consistent Prot paladin, and a currently on Trial Holy Paladin. Shockingly, Remnant has no ret paladin whatsoever. As such, we are seriously in the market for a Ret and/or Holy paladin. If you would like to dualspec ret/holy we may provide you with backrubs and handjobs in exchange.

Remnant currently has 3 mostly regular tanks, and TOC content requires a maximum of 3 tanks, so at the moment we do not necessarily need another prot paladin. However, with Icecrown on the horizon and the tanking requirements unknown, there is no guarantee that a tanking spot may not open up in the long or short term if it were to interest you in the future.

Remnant uses a relatively simply bidding/DKP system for loot distribution for main spec needs. DKP is earned at a rate of 3 DKP per kill, with double DKP being earned for first-kills as a guild, and with a monster 40 DKP bonus awarded to rockstar teammates who are on time and in attendance for all four raids in a given 2 week period. Offspec gear, Sidegrades, Trial and Alt mainspec items, and crafting patterns are loot counciled. Barring one shaman who ragequit because we didn't loot council him an offspec mainhand weapon during his his FIRST raid of his trial with us, we've had no loot council problems of any kind.

Remnant. Needs paladins. Who have pallypower installed. because I use it to set up buffs. because it is awesome.

As an aside, in case the occasional glimpses weren't clear, Remnant is a not-safe-for-work adult-preference and moderately offensive guild of asskickers and rockstars. It is rumored that we may have tried to 25 man our raid leader's younger sister. We air out out grievances and fight out our battles, and this is not a guild for the delicate and sensitive.

Remnant needs paladins, or, frankly, any rockstars who enjoy success at all costs. Do you need Remnant?

Find out at http://remnant.guildlaunch.com
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