[H] SoH Open Recruitment For Excellence Uld25/Toc

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[H] SoH Open Recruitment For Excellence Uld25/Toc

Postby xxkinetikxx » Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:23 pm

About the Guild:

Straight Outta Hillsbrad is a down to earth, and very effective 25man raiding guild on the Terenas server.
We are recruiting skillful, quick to learn, and Ulduar/Totc 25 ready raiders to continue progression.
At the moment we are 9/14 on Ulduar25 4/5 TotC25, 13/14 Ulduar 10 with only Mimiron stopping us from unlocking Algalon. 5/5 TotC10. 3/5 TotC10 Heroic.

Raiding Schedule

25 mans

Tuesday 6:30 - 10:30pm ST
Wednesday 6:30 - 10:30pm ST
Thursday 6:30 - 10:30pm ST

** Raid Times Subject To Change Shortly**

10 mans

Raiders have free will to start their own 10man groups as they see fit.
At the moment we have 3 member managed 10man teams working on Ulduar and ToC with our late night 10 man group working on hard modes.

Invites go out 10 min before raid time.

We are looking for people that will be consistently signing up to raids on our 3 night schedule.

Raiding Philosophy and Ethos

We are a guild made mostly of young busy students/professionals and we take that into consideration when we raid, meaning we do not like to waste time.
We are a Semi-Hardcore Guild and we take RAID TIME very seriously and we certainly do not like unnecessary wipe fests.

Drama is something we do not tolerate!

We expect you to be geared appropriately for the current progression we are attempting. We also expect the ability to get along well with others, the ability to take criticism, and to give/receive help from other guildies.

We also require you to maintain an 80% raid attendance.

Current Class/Spec Needs

We've recently gone through a reshaping of the guild. We've removed members that either could not meet our raid times consistently or were under performing. These were all great people and we hate to see them go but for the sake of progression changes had to be made.

With that being said we're currently in an open recruitment state and looking to fill the following:

Pally's - Medium / Ret -HIGH

Lock's - Medium

Rogues - Medium

Mages - Low

Shaman - High

Priest - Low

DK - Low

Hunter - Low

I want to stress the importance that this will not be a casual position, and these are not off the bench positions. We are recruiting for core spots.

We are also always on the lookout for Exceptional Applicants from any class/spec.
If you feel you fall into this category, go ahead and apply.

Loot System:

We use a loot council system for 25 man's. All loot distribution is open to vent discussion. Everyone has a chance to speak up about a particular piece and help ensure it goes to the best possible candidate. In turn helping progress the guild that much more.

10 man raid loot is a simple /roll

For new members (Try out Rank), we have a 2 raid lockouts (2 week) trial period where you are not yet eligible for loot but rather get first dibs on any item once all raiders have passed on it for main spec.
Once you prove your commitment and worth during those 2 raid lockouts, you'll earn your spot & become a Raider in our guild.

Raiders receive almost free enchants for new gear (we strive to keep most mats in the gbank), 40g per night repair allowance, and discount flasks/food from guildies.

How to apply

If you feel our guild is for you please visit us at http://str8.wowstead.com

Or if you have questions feel free to contact any of us in game:
Aderalia:.................Guild Master

We will not, however, process any application or invite you to our vent before we receive your formal app at our website.
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