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[A] Prot Paladin LF Guild

Looking for Paladin? Looking for guild? Post here.

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[A] Prot Paladin LF Guild

Postby Thelawyn » Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:28 am

Character: Thelawyn: ... n=Thelawyn
Server: US Lightbringer
Current Guild: The Coalition
Preferred Raiding times: around 8pm-9pm pst for a start time. (Server need not be pacific time, as long as the raid times correspond. I myself fall under Alaska time)
Faction: I am currently alliance but not opposed to switching to horde to raid with a good group of people at the right time.

The Situation:
I joined The Coalition around the time of Hyjal's release. Through them I gained experience in tanking TK, SSC, Hyjal, BT, and Sunwell. The majority of the time I acted as an offtank. However, for certain fights such as Illidan and Bloodboil, my role shifted towards that of primary tank. Additionally I served at the behest of our fearless leader Xellos as ret or holy as was needed (not often). Throughout our run in BC we were consistently getting server 3rd or 4th kills. This isn't astounding but I felt pretty good about it. We had fun and generally stayed pretty relaxed through the process.

When Wrath hit I switched to a DK. I enjoy the class, a lot. However, it never had the same holding power for me as paladin tanking. Around last Christmas I quit WoW in order to focus on my College graduation exams as well as for some coinciding personal reasons. By the time I returned to the game Ulduar had been released and fairly well covered, and soon after ToC was released. This left me pretty well in the dust. Additionally, The Coalition's raid times were great for me while I was at school, but now that I'm in Alaska they don't. Therefore I am looking for another guild to get back into the raiding game.

What I am Looking For:
I do not expect to get on an elevator that goes right to the top floor. I am lacking in practical experience with current content. I am not looking to join a guild to learn fights and board the loot train (choo choo!) only to leave a month or so later to app to a much better guild far far away where my wicked ways won't catch up to me... under a different name. I like my character's name... a lot. I've had it since vanilla and it remains fairly unique.

I am looking for a group of serious people who know how to have fun. I am looking for a long term commitment. A place that has consistent progression goals. For me raiding is a big way of exploring what WoW has to offer. My goal isn't necessarily to be world first. My goal is to see everything that the game has to offer, and to kick it in the face. I want to be challenged, I want to learn new things. I want to have fun.

I am happy to answer questions, please address them to me as messages through the forums, or feel free to come find me in-game. I am usually on Thelawyn, my DK Snowwhyte, or my warlock Seraf.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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