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[H US] Feral/Balance Druid and DK Frost/Blood LF RaidGuild

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[H US] Feral/Balance Druid and DK Frost/Blood LF RaidGuild

Postby iobi » Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:22 pm


I have 2 toons that I would like to get on to a Raidng Guild with a semi fixed raiding Schedule. PST timezone preferred and can raid up to 6 nights a week from 6-12PM.

I currently run my guild, but it is mostly for bank space now since most of the guild members seem to get RL issues all at the same time. The guild name is Justified Chaos in Earthen Ring US and most of the 80's in this guild are mine.

The toons I would like to join with are Zubeenk-Druid (Feral/Balance) and Krozragal-DK (DWFrost/2H Blood).

I love to raid but the raiding I've been doing lately seems to be pugged and no set schedule which really kinda annoys me. I would like a structured raiding schedule with a raiding guild that wants to progress to end content.

As far as character knowledge and playability, I consider myself to be better than average and still learning (fine tuning) to get even better. I have no issues making raid time and will be 95% present for all these raid times mentioned earlier.

Thank you for reading and will also consider faction change if it's mandatory.

80 - BE Paladin Prot/Ret - iobi
80 - BE DK Frost - Krozragal
80 - UD FFB Mage - Beenk
80 - Tauren Druid Bal/Feral - Zubeenk
80 - Orc Elemental Shaman - Steempy
80 - Gnome Combat Rogue - MsBehave
80 - Night Elf Fury/Prot Warrior - Mikaehl
80 - Night Elf BM Hunter - Mykaehl
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