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<A> Myriad Staghelm

Postby tazzpd » Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:03 pm

Myriad is a 25 man raiding guild that was formed before the release of The Burning Crusade. Our Burning Crusade progression included all content up to and including Sunwell with the exception of Kil'jaeden. Prior to 3.1 we cleared all available WotLK raid content including 3 drake Sartharion 10/25 man, 6 minute Malygos 10/25 man and Undying/Immortal Naxxramas. We are currently working on Ulduar 25 hardmodes, and preparing for ToC25 Hardmodes once they are released.

We are now looking for exceptional applicants who will show dedication, skill, loyalty and determination in our future raiding endeavors.

We are currently looking to add the following to our ranks:
2 Priests (1 Shadow, 1 Healing, pref Holy)
2 Warlocks
1 Mage

Please do not hesitate to apply even if you are not one of the classes/specs listed above. We give consideration to all qualified applicants.

www.myriad-staghelm.com (click on the apply link, or go to: http://www.myriad-staghelm.com/apply.php)

We raid Monday through Thursday. While progressing through new content we also raid Sundays. Invites start at 6:30pm CST with pulls starting at 7:00pm CST. Raids conclude at approximately 11:00pm CST.

- Maintain a 70% attendance rate
- Understands the role of their class/spec in a raid, and has a strong grasp of what their class is capable of.
- Values progression over loot.
- Experience in WotLK raids and dungeons.
- Sufficient gear to meet the requirements of healing/tanking/dpsing in Ulduar.
- Willing to spend days, even weeks if needed, to learn the fights.
- Is in for the long haul and plans to continue playing all the way through endgame content.
- Must have the attitude and persistence necessary to continue progression.
- Shows up to raids on time, and give notice when you are not able to attend.
- Must have Ventrilo installed and be able to listen to instructions. The ability to speak on Vent is preferred.
- Decent computer and internet connection.
- We expect applicants and members to show maturity and modesty. We do not brag or post about our progression. We expect you to show respect to everyone, guild member or not, because you represent the guild, and what you do reflects on us.
- Lastly, aside from all the raiding, we do love to enjoy what the game has to offer. On off-nights we often clear through old content, pvp, level/gear alts, play trivia etc.

We use an officer distributed loot system. Loot is awarded based on need, attendance, performance, and time since last loot, as determined by the loot council. The officers are fair and friendly, and take great consideration in choosing who gets what. Please note, we are not a charity, and we don't give loot to just anyone. You must show that you are a skilled player and reliable raider in order to be eligible for loot.

If there are any questions regarding applications or the guild, please do not hesitate to contact any of our officers: Acer (or Dreadwalker), Rhinlynn.

Thank you for your time.
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