[ US - Shadowsong - A] Madness Looking for Tanks

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[ US - Shadowsong - A] Madness Looking for Tanks

Postby sfrog » Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:30 pm

We are focused, dedicated, and ready to move up in the rankings to number one on server. We have 6 hardmodes down (Yogg+3, XT, FL, Hodir, Thorim and Iron Council).

We are a West Coast Guild and RAID Sunday - Thursday from 8pm - 12pm PST - 5 nights a week (11pm - 3am eastern).

This is a great opportunity for you to be a major player on a great team and not some backup or casual player the rest of us have to carry.

We currently have an opening for a very skilled DK Tank, Warrior Tank, Mages and Warlock (top players of any class should apply even if not listed). If you're an exceptional and dedicated player that is willing to do what it takes to see all the game has to offer (hard modes), then apply asap and bring your "A" game.

We expect you to have a strong drive to succeed at all encounters as well as knowledge of your class inside & out (including keeping up with current theory-crafting). You should have very similar end game experience as us. We need people geared and ready to step right ini and help with Ulduar hard modes). Great awareness, knowledge of the boss fights (including all Ulduar bosses), stability/reliability, and quick reaction times are expected.

We are in a battle for #1 on our server and need a couple great players to help keep us ahead. We are also very into achievements with many raiders with 8k achievement points (a couple close to 9k) - by far the most on our server.

Besides our Ulduar achievements, we were 6/6 Sunwell and have cleared Sarthareon 3D 10 & 25 man, 6 minute Malygos, as well as more overall achievements than any guild on the server.

Madness members like to have fun and are very active on off nights, running multiple 5 man and 10 man runs, pvp (a few Gladiators in guild), achievements, etc.

Shadowsong is a very active server (one of the original wow servers).

Our DKP system is great for new members - many will get end-game gear their first night.

Apply officially on our website today.
<b> http://www.madnessguild.dkpsystem.com </b>

You must be ready to transfer right away and start raiding if your application is approved.

Please log out in your best pve gear/talent spec when you apply.

Please whisper Sweetmeat, or Cällos after applying to discuss your app and to get to know us.
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