[H] The Exiled LF DPS/protadin! [PvE - CST - US]

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[H] The Exiled LF DPS/protadin! [PvE - CST - US]

Postby Vathral2 » Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:06 am

TE is looking to recruit DPS of all classes, with an absolute preference in rogues, mages, and shadow priests (as well as a prot paladin tank, using my alt protadin for some bosses sucks). These are NOT bench warming spots, though the possibility of building up classes we already have a decent amount of may create for a slight rotation if it comes down to it.

We have had a team ready to go at hardmodes for a very long while now in 25 mans (with normal mode being on easy mode farm, coming VERY close to Steelbreaker last, Hodir HM being undermanned), and close to GOTR in 10 man Ulduar, and we're merely looking to change the undermanned portion at this point with fresh, consistent blood, looking to succeed in a high end raiding guild of Rexxar!

For those who don't know, or just care about reading who we are and what we're about, here ya go:

The Exiled is a guild based on mutual respect among its members. We work together to advance our mutual and personal goals. All members are treated as equals. Our main goal is to have fun in the game. With new content released we are looking to fill some spots in our raiding lineup and continue to progress.

Apply at http://www.theexiled.com


* Naxx 15/15
* Malygos 1/1 (Server First)
* OS 10/25 (3 drakes dead)
* 10 and 25 man Glory of the Raider (Pre 3.1)

Ulduar 10 (13/14) - realm first 10 man YS kill
Ulduar 25 (13/14) - XT-002 HM, 4 tower FL down

Class Needs (Specific specs/classes are listed as priority, though we are looking for all)

All classes at the moment.



* We raid 4-5 days a week
* Invites normally goes out 15 minutes before raid time.
* Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday raid time begins at 8:00PM Eastern / 7:00PM Server
* On Sundays, raid time begins at 7:00PM Eastern / 6:00PM Server
* There's 10mans going on almost everyday there isn't a main raid happening, and an Alt 25man run on Saturdays.


* In this guild we use a loot council made of officers to distribute loot.
* When an item drops off trash or a boss, if you have interest in the item, you are required to type in raid chat me and your current item for that slot. If it is a tier set piece, you must note how many pieces of Tier-x it will be for you.
* We decide loot via a voting system within officer chat. We take into account how long you have been waiting for the item, how long you have been in the guild, and how big the upgrade would be for you.


* Full knowledge and understanding of your class.
* Use of consumables (flasks, food, enchants, etc..)
* Full enchants/gems to optimize your class/spec. (Paladins with spirit, hunters with strenght?)
* Attendance - We fully understand that RL comes first but try to remember 24 other people want loot too, so if your going to be late or unable to attend try and let an officer or class know so that other arrangements can be made. However at the moment we have an emphasis on reliable and consistent players.
* Ventrilo and Microphone

People to contact in-game: Vathral for all off server recruiting.
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