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[H] [US-PvP PST] 13/14 Ulduar 1/6 Hardmode LF Tank

Looking for Paladin? Looking for guild? Post here.

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[H] [US-PvP PST] 13/14 Ulduar 1/6 Hardmode LF Tank

Postby Petrus » Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:50 pm

Poor Impulse Control is a Horde guild on Gorgonnash and we're looking for a tank!

With 3.2 on the horizon and our guild working on hardmodes, one of our warrior tanks has gone MIA, leaving us with three tanks. We run with a DK, a warrior, and myself.

We are going to need another tank, clearly (mostly for when one of us can't be there and we are forced to use someone's undergeared dualspec), and with all the buffs coming to us, a Paladin looks like the best choice.

Raiding times:

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday (or Mon-Thurs depending on how you look at the raiding week). Invites always go out at 6 PM server (US Pacific) time. We try to do the first pull by 6:30 and end the raid at 9:30 server.

Last week saw our Yogg-Saron kill and this week saw us get XT Hardmode as well as FL+2 and Stokin' the Furnace. We are working on Iron Council hardmode in the coming week as well.

Go to the site to app. For more information, create a character on Gorgonnash-US [Horde] and whisper Ichaerus (or his aptly named alt, Dichaerus).
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