[A] 70 Prot Pally LFGuild

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[A] 70 Prot Pally LFGuild

Postby Fragh » Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:22 am

I am looking for a serious raiding guild and I am having trouble finding one on my server, Alleria, who can appreciate the Protection Paladin. I realize it's a relatively uncommon playing style for the class and it hasn't been wholly accepted by many raiding guilds, but I've experimented with it since TBC came out and found that I really enjoy it and am looking to continue doing so.

Character: Fragh
Level: 70
Class: Paladin
Talent Spec: Protection (0/51/10)
Age: 39
Game experience: Started Playing on Day 1.
Realm: Alleria (PVE - CST)

Raid experience:

Pre-TBC - Ony, MC, ZG, AQ20, BWL, some of AQ40, part of Naxx.

TBC - All of Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, SSC and TK (VR). I have experience tanking all Karazhan as well as Gruul's on my paladin. In Kara I have been MT for all bosses.

At this time I am not considering respeccing to holy, however I do maintain a healing set and will heal if I am not needed to tank for a certain encounter.

Raid Availability: All Week 7pm CST - ??

Reason for leaving previous guild:

I still haven't left. Tranquility just went through a breakup and I am not sure the new leadership team has enough respect for Prot Paladins. I am considering switching to another server because there are not many guild on alleria that are looking for a pally.

What I am looking for in a guild:

I am looking for a HC raiding guild that is progressing through TK, SSC and has plans beyond that.

Keys/Attunement: Karazhan, all heroics, (TK, SSC duh?), completed the SMV quests for BT attunement.


I am uncrushable in my current gear, I spend gold as needed to keep the best gems and enchants on all my gear. I also have complete frost resist and nature resist sets. (frost: 335, Nature 215, Mixed frost / nature: 186/215).


Other characters: None. This character is not finished yet. Wife plays holy Priest.

Thanks For your consideration.

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Postby Fragh » Mon Oct 01, 2007 10:13 pm

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