[A] Stormscale Server Looking for Prot Paladin

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[A] Stormscale Server Looking for Prot Paladin

Postby Elrend » Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:10 pm

Server Name: Stormscale
Server Time Zone (EST/CST/PST) : PST
PVP Server or PVE Server (very important to transfers): PVP Server
# days you raid: 3 days a week (4 if you count Kara)
Times you raid: Wed/Thu/Sunday
Expected Role: Tankadin - with some healing duties
Loot system : DKP

Triune is a US - Stormscale PvP Guild that is interested in finding a Tankadin for our 25 man raids. We currently have Gruul, Mag, VR, and Lurker on farm and are working on new content in SSC. I have a tankadin myself which I love very much but have duties on the shaman/hunter front which prevent me from taking a tankadin role myself. I have finally convinced my guild of the advantages of a paladin tank and now just need to find one.

We are looking for someone who is kara geared or better (or close)- uncrushable/uncritable with around 12-13k unbuffed hp. Knowledge of class and the ability to do a tankadin proud is a requirement for success.
We are fairly casual only raiding 3 days a week but when we do raid we like to get as much done as possible and do not like to waste the time we do have.

We raid on Wed/Thu 5:30-9 PM PST and follow those guidelines pretty heavily we dont go over raid times normally.

We also raid on Sunday from 3:30-9 PM PST.

Umm we are also looking for shamans of any spec :) I know that doesn't belong here but we are ;)

You can find our website at http://wowtriune.net/

Contact me in a PM or email at mordrind@fastmail.fm
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Postby Whitewolf » Fri Sep 21, 2007 9:10 am

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Postby sissylala » Fri Sep 21, 2007 10:48 am

alliance read the title :-)
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