Looking for a guild doing 25mans on Outland(EU)-Horde

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Looking for a guild doing 25mans on Outland(EU)-Horde

Postby Kitara » Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:31 am

Well first my short story, skip it if not interested ;P

I originally started this character on a new server (Karazhan) with a pre formed guild after TBC started... I leveled up all the way with protection and did a lot of heroics and pretty much was the best geared tank in guild by the time we started raiding... unfortunatly the server pretty much went semi dead after some time and the guild I was in pretty much had problems getting enough people to step into 25 man raids... well stuff didn't get better and after some people left we decided to transfer to Outland... stuff still didn't get much better and in the end the guild fell apart. Due to constant player shortage I pretty much filled all roles back then, mainly tanking and healing. More or less shortly after I joined another guild that was starting gruul and stuff and though I was mainly healing then (joined more on a healing spot though I did tank now and then, wasn't able to find a guild with a tanking spot and a few of my old guild members also joined that guild) but then at least it was a step into 25 raid. Unfortunatly after some time many people (almost all the officers) more or less stoppped playing/raiding or went on vacation and quit wow. Guild was always a bit short on people (like my first one) but people were nice and I didn't really want to leave. Now 1 1/2 months later I'm getting a bit bored with doing Karazhan over and over again and I don't really see the guild getting up enough players to do 25 man content again anytime soon (if ever). So I thought I'd just throw out a general application here for any guild looking for a paladin. I'm not usually guild hopping but I just can't stay in Karazhan forever, was bored of it already in the first guild I was in.

Ok short info here:


Pretty much Kara geared for tanking and healing (missing the odd 2-3 drops each, but no really great upgrades anymore)
Pre Kara geared for retribution (though I doubt many people care)
All enchanted

Only really started raiding after TBC hit. Done Karazhan way too often, done Gruul and had a few tries on Magtheridon.

70 Shadow priest

Trade Skills

I have to say that I really enjoy the protection spec - enough to level up a paladin before TBC as prot and then another one after all using that spec. I'm still in my current guild and will continue raiding Karazhan until I find a chance to to 25 mans there but after waiting all the time I had to make this step or I'd have quit the game sooner or later.

Need any more info? Just ask away.

Oh and an armory link (hope this works):
http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... d&n=Kitara
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